advanced third reich [Updated August 2001]

A3R   6 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
 SETUP 18   10
  Round 2 9   Round 2 9
  Round 2 9  


Stuart Pierce, VA

2001 Champion

2nd: Stan Jelic, MI

3rd: Charles Crane, CA

4th: Steve Voros, MI

5th: Randy MacInnis, NJ

6th: Thomas Shaw, MD
Event History * = Global War
1991    None      -
1992    Joe Brophy       8
1993    Conrad Struckman      20
1994    Paul Ackerman      17
1995    James Sparks      41
1996    Bruce Harper*      17
1997    Rob Carl*      26
1998    David Middleton*      27
1999    Greg Wilson*     19
2000    Herbert Gratz     25
2001    Stuart Pierce     21

AREA Ratings:

GM: Mike Crowe

not your average tournament ...

Twenty-one participants gathered to play Advanced Third Reich and Global War 2000. Thirteen players were there to continue to playtest GW 2000, while former champion Herbert Gratz was involved in a FTF against Paul Baker (which Herbert won). This left six players competing for the glory and honor of being crowned A3R champion. It was decided with six competitors that each player would pair off and play a 1944 scenario game to seed a tournament tree. After being seeded, the top two finalists would play for 1st place honors, the next two would play for 2nd place and seeds 5 and 6 would play for 3rd.

3rd Place Game: Charles Crane (Axis) defeated Thomas Shaw (Allies) after Thomas Shaw took a fa-win 39 Allied double-turn and conceded defeat. Axis level 10 victory.

2nd Place Game: Stan Jelic (Allies) defeated Randy MacInnis (Axis). Stan Jelic took an Allied fa-win 1939 double turn and whiffed on the critical 1-1 attack to force an early Italian surrender. The Allies paid a heavy price and Britain started 1943 with only 15 BRPs. In spite of this, the Allies came back and captured Paris in summer 1944 and held it after the Axis whiffed on a 1-1 counterattack. The Axis player immediately conceded defeat. There were four critical 1-1 attacks in the game where a '5' was rolled, two for each side. It was agreed that the Allies had a level 4 victory.

1st Place Championship Game: Stuart Pierce (Axis) defeated Steve Voros (Allies). The Germans take a risky attack and capture Paris in spring 1940. The British stay on the continent and play offensively instead of defending England. The Axis gain a toehold in Britain which expands and eventually results in a -4 British surrender. Concurrently, the Russians are able to declare war early and capture Ploesti. The game became a race between oil effects and a British surrender. The Allies eventually conceded in 1943. Axis level 10 victory.

GW2K game 1:Axis: Mike Stone (Europe) and Bruce Harper (Japan)
Allies: Ernie Copely and Paul Stoecker (Europe) and Greg Wilson (Pacific)
The Axis pounded Britain early, reducing her base through bombing, and then turned east, forcing a Russian surrender in fall 1943. The Allies never really recovered. In the Pacific, the Japanese were pummeled from all sides. The Japs couldn't defend against the constant assaults and BRP losses from subs. Japan surrendered in winter 1944 after two A-bombs were dropped. Overall Axis victory.

GW2K game 2: Axis: Bill Moodey (Europe) and Martin Smith (Japan)
Allies: Joe Brophy (Europe) and Ernie Faust (Pacific)
This game was well fought by both sides in both theaters. Unfortunately, time ran out and play stopped in summer 1943. In Europe, the Axis controlled the Med and were fighting a hard war on the Russian steppes and the English Channel. In the Pacific, the Russians declared war on Japan and crippled the Japanese position on the mainland while the Japanese fleet battled to hold off the US Navy. An overall marginal Axis victory was projected.

GW2K game 3: Axis: Jerry Smolens and Rob Carl (Europe) and Don Moody (Japan)
Allies: Jim Sparks (Europe) and Keven Leith (Pacific)
Time ran out and play stopped in fall 1944. In Europe, the Axis took the Med and attacked Russia late. The Allies were able to invade France early and Russia was making progress in the east. Eight atomic bombs were ready for 1945. In the Pacific, the Japanese attacked in summer 1942 and held off the US Navy in spite of an early Russian attack on Japan. Projections were for a marginal Allied victory in Europe and a marginal Axis victory in the Pacific.

As a result of this unusual format, A3R can no longer be assured a spot in the Century but is welcome back to continue play as usual in a less competitive venue.

 GM      Mike Crowe  [3rd Year]   5507 Callander Dr, Springfield, VA 22151   NA

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