5th fleet [Updated August 2001]

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Jimmy Fleckenstein, VA

2001 Champion

2nd: Ed Karpowicz, DC

3rd: Aaron Silverman, NJ

4th: Timothy Tow, TX

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1991    Herbert Gratz      10
1992    Jim Fleckenstein      10
1993    Chris Rosetti       8
1994    None       -
1995    Andy Maly       8
1996    Jim Eliason      10
1997    Jack Morrell       8
1998    Jim Eliason      11
1999    Jimmy Fleckenstein      9
2000    Jim Eliason      8
2001    Jimmy Fleckenstein      8

AREA Ratings:

GM: Jim Fleckenstein

Still on Trial ...

Although officially listed as Fifth Fleet, this event actually allows tournament play in Seventh Fleet, Fifth Fleet, and Third Fleet. The small field did not portend an easy competition; entrants included three past National Champions.

Random first round pairings saw defending champ Jim Eliason and GM James Fleckenstein square off in the Gulf of Aden Offensive (5th). Eliason's Allied forces easily handled Fleckenstein's motley coalition of Soviet and client state forces, handing the elder Fleckenstein a substantive defeat. Ed Karpowicz's Soviet submarines proved too much for Dennis Nicholson's US boats in Undersea Showdown (5th), while Timothy Tow took the US to victory over Aaron Silverman's Soviets in the same scenario; Jimmy Fleckenstein's Soviet subs overwhelmed William Terdoslavich's Allied forces and neutral oil tankers in Indian Ocean Wolfpacks (5th).

The second round saw Eliason pitted against the younger Fleckenstein in Undersea Showdown. In what was to prove a prophetic outcome, Fleckenstein's US subs scored a substantive victory over Eliason's Soviets. Karpowicz's Allies won a marginal victory over Tow's Soviets in Civil War in the Philippines (7th), while Silverman eliminated Terdoslavich, scoring the tournament's only decisive win with the US forces in the same scenario. The senior Fleckenstein drew a bye.

Silverman followed up by eliminating Eliason in the third round. Playing U.S. Assault on the Komardorskye Islands (3rd), Silverman converted a one in ten die roll to sink Eliason's US amphibious assault ship Kearsarge, effectively securing his marginal victory. Tow's massed SSM attacks from Soviet patrol craft eliminated GM Fleckenstein in Return of the Dreadnought (7th), while Jimmy Fleckenstein's US forces ruined Karpowicz's Soviets' tropical vacation, handing them a substantive loss in Soviet Raiders in the Carribbean (3rd).

In the semis, Jimmy Fleckenstein's Allied forces rolled over Tow's Soviets in Gulf of Aden Offensive for yet another substantive victory, while Silverman's luck finally ran out as his Allied forces fell to Karpowicz's Soviets in Indian Ocean Wolfpacks, setting up a rematch between Karpowicz and the younger Fleckenstein for the wood.

Jimmy Fleckenstein completed his perfect run of substantive victories by commanding his Indian and Soviet forces to victory over Karpowicz's Allies in Battle of the Flattops (5th) in the final. At game's end, the US supercarrier Abraham Lincoln was afloat but vulnerable, badly damaged and without escorts. Karpowicz had sunk the two Indian carriers in return, but when the points were totalled, Fleckenstein had earned his second Fleet National Championship.

 GM      Jim Fleckenstein  [8th Year]   2419 Little Current Dr, #1933, Herndon, VA 20171
    navalgamer@hotmail.com   NA

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