wizard's quest [Updated August 2000]

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Bill Navolis, PA

2000 Champion

2nd: Paul Saunders, VA

3rd: Joe Abrams, CT

4th: Larry Lingle, PA

5th: Russell Chilcote, NC

6th: Harry Flawd III, PA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    Gregory Crowe      22
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      20
1999    Brooks Beyma     14
2000    Bill Navolis     13
AREA Ratings
 1    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      5180
 2    Paul Bolduc      5113
 3    Harry Flawd III      5103
 4    James Fardette      5080
 5    Joseph Abrams      5072
 6    Mark Hunter      5069
 7    Daniel Metzger      5069
 8    Kathy Stroh      5057
 9    Russell Chilcote      5048
10    William Navolis      5045

Harken oh heroes to the days of yore

Too shortly after dawn on Thursday 3 Aug 00, eleven ambitious warlords and an audacious warlady gathered in the Belmont Room to challenge King Brooks Beyma, the 1999 Champion, for the throne of the island of Marnon. In accordance with the Rules of Challenge, the claimants were divided among three boards by Master of the Tourney Lord Bolduc, with two from each board to advance to the final showdown.

On Board 1, the King faced Lords Paul Bolduc, Harry Flawd III, Larry Lingle, and Chris Lefevre. Lord Bolduc quickly took the lead, capturing treasures on Turns 1 and 3. Lord Flawd captured his first on Turn 3. Turn 4 saw Lord Lingle capture his first treasure and destroy the King's final army, sending the monarch into hiding. Lord Lingle captured his second treasure in Turn 5 only to have his third transported across the board. Lord Flawd captured his second treasure on Turn 6 and his third on Turn 9. Turn 10 saw Lord Lingle capture his third then Lord Bolduc his third. So Lords Flawd and Lingle advanced to the finals. Peacemaker did equally prosper the orcs and Lord Flawd (thrice), but did dislike Lord Lingle's constant petitioning, denying him six men. The King's men were the Dragon's preferred food, devouring nine as well as 23 orcs.

On Board 2, Lords Paul Saunders, Russell Chilcote, Ken Samuel and Lady Kathy Hitchings did contend. Lord Chilcote did score first, capturing a treasure on Turn 1. The loathesome orcs captured Lord Samuel's castle and slew six of Lady Hitchings finest in thwarting her attack on their castle and her treasure. Lord Chilcote captured his second treasure on Turn 4, ensuring the emnity of the others. To no avail though, as Lord Chilcote captured his third treasure on Turn 7. Lady Hitchings was eliminated in Turn 9, but the struggle for second place raged until Turn 11, when Lord Saunders forced Lord Samuel to concede. Lords Chilcote and Saunders advanced. Lady Hitchings troops were the ravenous Worm's favorite feast, devouring nine men and 11 orcs.

On Board 3, Lords Joe Abrams, Bill Navolis, Mike Chilcote, and Steve Cuccaro did square off. Both Lords Navolis and Cuccaro captured their crowns on Turn 2. Lord Abrams captured his chest on Turn 3. Lord Navolis answered by capturing his ring and Lord Abrams his crown on Turn 4. Lord Cuccaro moved the final Yellow treasure on Turns 5 & 6, but Lord Abrams prevailed and captured his final treasure on Turn 6. Lord Navolis captured his chest for second place on Turn 7. Lord Chilcote, captured his chest on Turn 8, but Lord Cuccaro clinched third place by capturing his final treasure on Turn 9. Lords Abrams and Navolis advanced. Peacemaker prospered Lord Chilcote's troops thrice and the Dragon munched eight of his men, as well as 21 orcs.

So it was that Lords Abrams, R. Chilcote, Flawd, Lingle, Navolis, and Saunders were to meet to determine who would occupy the Throne of Marnon for 2000/2001. But lo! Lord Flawd preferred the sweet, cerebral competition of Superstar Baseball to the dusty hurly-burly of orc-bashing. Thus the other five Lords did do battle without him. Turn 1 saw both Lords Abrams and Chilcote capture a treasure and Peacemaker deny Lord Lingle all his reinforcements. Lord Navolis captured his first treasure on Turn 2, while Peacemaker again denied Lord Lingle two men. On Turn 3 Lord Chilcote captured his second treasure. Turn 4 Lord Saunders fled the northeast corner of the board, uttering the quote of the Tourney "There are just too many treasures in the area for me to care." Lord Lingle captured his first treasure on Turn 5, and was again denied all his reinforcements on Turn 6. On Turn 7, Lords Saunders and Navolis captured treasures. Lord Navolis settled the question of the Succession by capturing his third and final treasure on Turn 9, a turn when Lords Lingle and Chilcote both received Peacemaker's total displeasure. Some fighting continued for four turns until it was clear what the new royal pecking order would be. Lord Chilcote lost seven men to the Dragon's maw, joining 40 orcs. Peacemaker prospered the orcs seven times.

The Finalists: From left to right, Lords Saunders, R. Chilcote, Navolis, Abrams, and Lingle

And so it was decided, according to the Rules of Challenge, that Bill Navolis would succeed Brooks Beyma as King of Marnon. Paul Saunders placed second, Joe Abrams 3rd, Larry Lingle 4th, Russell Chilcote 5th, and Harry Flawd III 6th.

Master of the Tourney, Lord Bolduc, thanks all the participants for attending and for their good sportsmanship. Lord Lingle was the Sportsmanship Award nominee as his quips did greatly lighten the grim task of orc-slaying. Especial thanks go to Lords Abrams and Saunders for acting as Assistant Masters of the Tourney. See y'all in 2001, and bring some friends.

 GM      Paul R. Bolduc [2nd year]   203 Devon Court, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547-3110
    prbolduc@aol.com   NA

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