wrasslin' tag team [Updated August 2000]

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  Salon B

Ray Stakenas, MI -John Price, DC

2000 Champions

2nd: Nicholas Kramer-Steve Dickson

3rd: -

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    Stakenas & Son      ?
1993    Stakenas & Son      ?
1994    Kibler & Waters      14
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    None      -
1998    Stakenas & Son      26
1999    Porter & Dolan Sr     22
2000    Stakenas & Price     20
AREA Ratings
 1    None      -
 2    None      -
 3    None      -
 4    None      -
 5    None      -
 6    None      -
 7    None      -
 8    None      -
 9    None      -
10    None      -

My Kingdom for a Tag ...

20 wrestlers teamed up to form ten teams for this years Tag team event. The Wrasslin Tag Team event was run this year using a DYO format that was modified to make all the teams start on an equal footing. Each team received 26 points to design their own team.

Last years Champions Dan Dolan Sr and Ike Porter were quickly dispatched by Dan Dolan Jr and Tim Dolan in the first round. The Dolan Boys were then quickly disposed of by the eventual winners Ray Stakanas and Johnathan Price.

There were several long grueling matches in the second round that forced the event to be concluded the following day due to the lateness of the hour at which they finished. The event drew many younger players who, while unfamiliar with the DYO process, quickly caught on and developed some very tough wrestlers. Indeed, the finals were between two youngsters and the four-time Tag Team Champion Stakanas-led team.

It was an interesting event and there will be some modifications next year to the format to reduce the time in the early rounds. I hope to see the youth movement continue as it bodes well for the event that there are so many good young players on the horizon. I would like to thank the WBC for an excellent time this past year and look forward to regaining the title which was so cruelly ripped from my hands this past year.

 GM      Daniel Dolan  [1st Year]   150 Barry Drive, N. Highland Lakes, NJ 07422
    phlegm@warwick.net   NA

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