wrasslin' [Updated August 2000]

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  Salon B

Tim Dolan, NJ

2000 Champion

2nd: Don Greenwood, MD

3rd: Paul Weintraub, MD

4th: Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

5th: Jessica Greenwood, MD

6th: Wendy DeMarco, NJ
Event History
1991    Tara Greenwood       8
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      16
1993    Bruce Harper      25
1994    Megan Brophy      16
1995    John Saunders      16
1996    Don Greenwood      22
1997    Tim Dolan      26
1998    Dan Schulman      33
1999    Dan Dolan Jr     19
2000    Tim Dolan     18
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The only Game where Cheating is a Virtue

Exultations! That's Salutations Ding-a-ling. Oh yeah. Hello again from ringside. I'm Ming ... and I'm Ying. Together we're the Twins. Welcome back to the second year of the WBC.

We have a good showing of contenders this year. You say that every year. Cheese it, the pencil pushers are listening to this broadcast. Oh yeah ... it's a ... big crowd ... really big ... super big ... yeah, yeah. Promoter Blue JeansWeintraub was kind enough to invite us back to comment on this year's festivities. Look in the center ring. Looks like the rivalry between Blue Jeans and the reigning champion is about to get underway.

Rivalry! That's putting it lightly. For a whole year Weintraub has had to endure the bragging of Dan Dolan Jr and his three little mobsters. Yeah, looks like Blue Jeans wants blood. Well, with the unfortunate demise of the One Show Wonder, things should be very different this year.

Blue Jeans has put Tyler into ring against Dan Jr's favorite, the Serpent. The snake is baked. In comes the Blockbuster. Out goes Tyler. Too bad, he's so cute. Knock it off girl. Taking Tyler's place is my personal favorite ... the Champ. A quick combination and the Blockbuster is busted. That's broken, dear. Not the way I'm looking at it. Dan Jr is down to his last protoge ... Samson. Samson is pounding the Champ. Champ is laughing and shrugging it off. The Champ has Samson in a back breaker. Oh, it's all over. The former WBC champion is uncrowned. Blue Jeans, anything to say about this upset? Yes, tell the former champion I'm better than he is. .... such is life in the ring.

Well, Ying it's been a long day of battling. Sure has Ming, and this final bout is a doozy. It's Commissioner Greenwood vs Tim Dolan. Did you know they're both former champions? No fake ... this should be interesting. The Commish is using his old faithful ,the Champ. He is the only wrestler he's used. The other two bozos haven't even gotten in the ring yet ... the Champ has won every bout so far. Ouch! Ouch! That's two down and one to go. In quick succession the Champ has disposed of two of Dolan's three grapplers and got the third in a Bear Hug It's all over but the crying. Ying, you amaze me. You actually used another multi-syllabic word correctly. That's twice in two years. Ha Ha Smarty. Look! While you've been running off at the mouth, Dolan has broken the Bear Hug, disposed of the Champ and those other two yahoos and won the bout. What a turn of events! I've never seen anything like it. I don't think you saw it at all. Well, he is mighty fast with those cards. Some would say too fast. Well, that's all the time we have. Thanks for joining us ringside. At this time we would like to take a moment to remember our late friend, The One Shot Wonder. He was found with a claw hammer in his forehead. That would explain the sudden disappearance of the Handyman, don't you think? If you say so. I Do! I'm Ming and I'm Ying signing off till next year.

 GM      Paul Weintraub  [1st Year]   NA
    chiswi@iwon.com   NA

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