wrasslin' battle royal [Updated August 2000]

      11-12  12-13 

  Maryland 1-2

Adam Gugliemini, PA

2000 Champion

2nd: Doug Galullo, FL

3rd: Greg Wilson, NJ

4th: Paul Weintraub, MD

5th: Steve Dickson, CA

6th: Bruce Harper, BC
Event History
1991    Don Greenwood       9
1992    Judy Kibler      19
1993    Ray Stakenas II      15
1994    Kaethe Kibler      12
1995    Robert Williamson      16
1996    Mike Stachowski      20
1997    Lane Hess      34
1998    Susan Ellsworth      36
1999    Doug Galullo     27
2000    Adam Gugliemini     13
AREA Ratings
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 3    None      -
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Last One Out of the Ring is a Winner

Welcome to the Battle Royal. I'm Ming and I'm Ying and together we're The Twins back at ringside for the second annual WBC freeforall. Our fine assemblage of flesh pounders is squaring off now. Thirteen of the meanest wrasslers in the business are in the ring at one time. You mean 13 of the most desperate. This is the last event to start at WBC 2000. Those people are desperate for wood!

In a quick flurry, five contestants are eliminated in rapid succession. That leaves us with The Serpent, Big Ben, Big Daddy Warbucks, Harpo, Manlky Mike Adams, the Whammer, Kapow and Mr (the Hairdresser) Brutal. The Serpent is looking mighty buff. Indeed he is! See how he just tossed Big Ben into the cheap seats? There are a lot of ugly looks going around the ring now. The Serpent is at it again. My God! He's got Harpo over his head. Splat. Ooh ... that's gotta hurt. Glad we are over on this side of the ring today. Make sure Blue Jeans gives those poor unfortunate spectators complimentary seats for next year's event. After he's through scraping them off the floor, you mean.

Manly Mike has come to life. He has the Whammer by the short hairs. Does the Whammer have short hair, anywhere? Out goes the Whammer with a resounding thud. Ouch ... right on top of that granny with the knitting needles. The Serpent is after Kapow this time, but Kapow is a wild man ... especially with that wild card up his sleeve. Kapow introduces him to the cheap seats. Look at this folks, Mr. Brutal is taking advantage of the situation. No! Yes, while Kapow has his back turned, Mr. Brutal has rejoined him with the snake. A brilliant maneuver if I say so myself. You're the only who would.

The Hairdresser is busy combing his hair after such a stunning display. The fool. He should pay more attention to Manly Mike. Oops, too late. Mr Brutal has been brutalized. Its down to the final two. That's right Ying, its Manly Mike Adams vs Big Daddy Warbucks. They are really going at each other ... no one seems to be able to get the upper hand. Look! Big Daddy just pulled a wad of cash out of pocket and is offering it to Mike. I don't believe it; he's taking the cash! No. It was a trap. Manly Mike has Big Daddy by the wallet and is tossing him from the ring. Ooh ... he bounces high. Its all over and Manly Mike Adams takes the day. I'm Ming and I'm Ying. See you next year.

 GM      Paul Weintraub  [1st Year]   NA
    chiswi@iwon.com   NA

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