vinci [Updated August 2000]


    Maryland 3  Maryland 4

Jason Levine, NY

2000 Champion

2nd: Brandon Bernard, PA

3rd: Chris McDermott, NY

4th: Daniel Karp, MD

5th: Roy Gipson, MD

6th: Robert Hooper, NJ
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2000    Jason Levine     36
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Renaissance in half the time

Let me begin by thanking all of the players in this year's tournament. We used the errata posted at and the house rule that if two identical civilization traits are drawn, both are returned to the pool and two new counters are drawn.

The first round saw a total of seven boards; four of five players and three of six. Two of the first round games exceeded the three-hour limit and required adjudication, the other five preliminary games and those that followed were played to conclusion, with one finishing in less than 90 minutes. The semi-final consisted of two five-player boards. The final Sunday morning was played with six players.

First to play in the final was Robert Hooper, who began the game by paying two VP to acquire 1) Mining and Medicine for his starting empire. His later empires had 2) Agriculture and Astronomy and 3) Slavery and Livestock. Second, was Daniel Karp, who paid two VP for 1) Rebirth and Port Building and promptly went into decline at the end of his turn and picked up four VP and a new empire 2) Diplomacy and Livestock. Later empires had 3) Forts and Port Building and 4) Slavery and Medicine. Brandon Bernard went third and chose the slot 1 empire with 1) Revolutionaries and Currency. His later empires had 2) Mountaineering and Espionage and 3) Diplomacy and Weapons. Chris McDermott played fourth and took the top combination of 1) Weapons and Mining. Next up for him was 2) Agriculture and Livestock, followed by 3) Agriculture and Militia. Jason Levine was fifth and paid two VP for 1) Medicine and Astronomy. His further empires were 2) Livestock and Agriculture and 3) Currency and Mountaineering. Jason won the game on his last pickup by declining the empire with Currency and Mountaineering and picking up the Slot 1 empire and the 4 VPs with it to go to 100 points exactly. Number 6 at the table was Roy Gibson who began with 1) Heritage and Revolutionaries. Next for him was 2) Field General and Messages and 3) Barbarians and Mining.

Final point count was Jason 100, Brandon and Chris 97, Daniel 93, Roy 86, and Robert 81.

 GM      Paul Bean  [1st Year]   79 E. Emerson St., Melrose, MA 02176   NA

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