tigers in the mist [Updated August, 2000]

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Ray Freeman, CA

2000 Champion

2nd: Murray Cowles, UK

3rd: Jack Morrell, NY

4th: Raymond Hall, IL

5th: Robert Mull, CO

6th: Aaron Silverman, NJ
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    None      -
1998    None      -
1999    None     -
2000    Ray Freeman     16
AREA Ratings
 1    Ray Freeman      5390
 2    Murray Cowles      5195
 3    Jack Morrell      5190
 4    Michael Kaye      5100
 5    Andrew Maly      5100
 6    Robert Mull      5010
 7    Aaron Silverman      5005
 8    Bryan Eshleman      5000
 9    Raymond Hall      4995
10    Bill Alderman      4900

Designer's Experience Prevails ...

16 Players turned out for the inaugural Tigers in the Mist Tournament on Wednesday. Despite it being a class B event, with six first-time players, the tournament ran smoothly. Andy Maly and Bill Alderman provided invaluable support as assistant GMs. The one problem was the length of the rounds. Each ran late so the fourth round began officially at 11:50 pm, instead of 10 pm as planned.

A total of 19 games were played, with eight players playing at least three rounds. The Germans won ten games, the US won eight, and there was one tie. Sides were bid for only seven times. The German bids ranged from 0.5 to 3 VP (Average bid 1.5, but discounting the 3 bid, average was 1.0). The US was bid for three times, with the range being 0.5 to 1.5 (Average bid 0.83). The sides bid for scored five of seven in the games played, with the Germans and US each losing once in games where they were the preferred side. Three players who played at least three rounds specialized in one side. Aaron Silverman scored 1.5/3 with the Allies. Jim Winslow scored 0/3 with the Germans, but maintained a great attitude throughout the event. Ray Freeman scored 4/4 as the Germans. However, I was giving my opponents choice of sides in all of my games. Frankly, I was shocked that all of my opponents opted for the US. The US side is "simpler" to play, but requires ice water in one's veins, particularly during December 17th.

Jack Morrell and Raymond Hall faced off at the witching hour for the 3rd place plaque. As the US side, Jack had lost to 5th place finisher Robert Mull in round 2. Raymond also lost in the 2nd round, to finalist Murray Cowles while playing the Germans. In round four, Jack's Germans had tremendous early success and quickly ran wild, forcing an early resignation by Raymond. The US player (Raymond) committed his reserves early on the 16th and wasn't able to cover the multiple threats presented by the German 16-3 move. On the 17-1 turn, Jack captured Bastogne and Grandmenil and killed all but two single factor US units. At this point Raymond resigned what appeared to be a pretty hopeless position.

By mutual consent, Murray Cowles and Ray Freeman played their championship match on Thursday evening, with Murray selecting the US side. Unfortunately, my dice were on fire the first day and Murray found himself starting the 17th with only six 1-SP units on the map. On 17-1, the Germans seized Noville, Houffalize, Baraque and Vielsalm, opening a huge hole in the center of the board which could not be closed. However, the 2nd Rangers held Longvilly astride the main road to Bastogne against a 10-1 attack, and a strong task force from the 7th Armored division recaptured Baraque. Bastogne fell on18-1, and the Germans seized a bridgehead across the Ourthe at La Roche. Even worse, 2 SS Pz was released by a powerful attack into Trois Ponts.

Murray then fashioned a brilliant defensive effort to stabilize his position on the line Neufchateau-Moircy-Champion -Lignieres-Baraque-Trois Ponts. It looked as if the German offensive might stall when a unit of the 101 Abn blunted a thrust into Champion. However on 19-2 the Wehrmacht broke through an entrenched position at Moircy and on the following impulse invested Libramont, which put half of a US armored division out of supply at Neufchateau...a threat both players failed to notice for at least ten minutes. Murray could not recover from this last disaster and his line broke open on
December 20 and I was able to seize Ciney and Namur and set up to exit a massive force through zone I. With no way to stop the Germans from flooding off the map, Murray resigned on December 21st.

[Congratulations to Ray for winning the debut of his game at WBC. I can attest to the fact that it gets harder to defend one's turf with each passing year ... they learn so fast. ... DG]

 GM      Ray Freeman  [1st Year]   1422 Peralta Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702
    Rayfreeman@aol.com   NA

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