starship troopers [Updated August 2000]

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Jason Levine, NY

2000 Champion

2nd: Steve Dickson, CA

3rd: Stephen Shedden, NY

4th: Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

5th: Mathew Mason, MD

6th: Nicholas Kramer, PA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    None      -
1998    Paul Saunders      67
1999    Steve Dickson     18
2000    Jason Levine     13
AREA Ratings
 1    Steve Dickson      5251
 2    Daniel Dolan II      5103
 3    Timothy Dolan II      5100
 4    Leo Tischer      5095
 5    Ian Lange      5051
 6    Ben Knight      5049
 7    Joseph Sposito      5003
 8    Nicholas Kramer      5003
 9    Jason Levine      5003
10    James Miller      5000

Bug Problems ... Where's the Raid?

Attendance declined again for a second year with only 13 entrants showing up to do battle and dropping the event from the Century. Since everyone liked last years protocols they remained in effect for this year.

Round 1 consisted of three four-player boards with two bug/trooper teammates to a side with basic rules only. Last years champ Steve Dickson was granted a first round bye and designated AGM. My partner for the first round (and soon to be crowned 2000 champion) was newcomer Jason Levine. Jason had never played the game before but jumped in with two feet.

Unlike last year, my fellow trooper and I were able to escape the bug onslaught in Round 1 by exiting the board and advancing to the second round. This, however, was the exception to the rule as the bug players on the other two boards were able to make a smorgasbord out of their trooper foes thereby advancing as well. Troopers 1, Bugs 2.

Round 2 consisted of myself and Jason now playing the Bugs in Battle #8 "Night Attack" against Troopers Nick Kramer and Dan Dolan, Jr., (5th place last year). The second board boasted past champion and bug expert Steve Dickson against Troopers Dan Dolan, Sr., Matt Mason (no relation to the Major) playing Battle#9 "Last Stand." As in last year's tournament, battles
were randomly generated by a die roll and all rules were in effect.

Our battle was quick and bloody. The troopers were decimated by my arachnid partner's nearly flawless combat rolls and saves. Not to mention a flawed tactical strategy of digging in as well as an inability to clear jammed weapons. Steve's battle was more tense than ours. Although Dan and Matt made quick and excellent use of their tactical fighter support, their eventual loss
can probably be attributed to a failure to recognize that warriors cannot take out Chain Guns. Had they concentrated more on the BIG bugs and disregarded the warriors early on, they might have been able to save these invaluable weapons and eventually turn the tide of the battle. In any case, Steve is a tough and skilled opponent who will quickly capitalize on any mistake with fatal consequences. In a nutshell you cannot make a mistake when you are sitting across from Steve Dickson and expect to survive. Like father like son ... they same the same about Panzer Gary over in the TRC battles.

Tally after Round 2: Bugs 4, Troopers 1

With only three players left standing; myself, Steve and Jason sat down for the anticipated last battle. Battle 3 "Scrambled Bug Eggs" was randomly selected which coincidentally was the Plaque battle last year as well. A high die roll determined side as well as team or solo. Bugs for me. Bugs for Steve and Troopers for Jason (solo). Steve and Steve with Bugs against newcomer Jason. How could we lose? Well, the answer to this is very simple, a well placed Nuke in the egg nest. Hence, scrambled bug eggs. What an upset. A first time player to the game beats myself and the 1999 Champ playing the troopers who so far were down 4-1. Who would have thunk it? Though there might be some disagreement with my next statement, stay tuned for the explanation. I think it is good that a newcomer can walk in to a tournament with no knowledge of the game and walk away with the wood. Why you ask? Simple. This person will be back. He knows he has an actual chance to win something unlike some other tournaments where the same players dominate year after year. This is in no way meant to besmirch the skill and tenacity of experienced champions but we need to keep up interest and as much as people like to play I don't know anybody who doesn't like to win. Where there is hope of victory there is invigorated interest.

Since this was a 2 prize event, myself and Steve would now play head to head for the consolation prize. Battle 8 "Night Attack" was generated again except this time I would be on the receiving end. Sides were again randomly determined with Steve taking the bugs. Hoping not to make the same mistakes my counterparts made in Round 2, I mixed up my strategy. Steve, however proved too strong an adversary with the bug horde at his disposal and, as they say, the rest is history. But in retrospect, it was better that way. Had I won my own tournament, I would probably be playing solitaire next year.

Final Tally: Bugs 5, Troopers 2
See you next year. Newcomers welcome. As this year proves, show up if you have time and It just might be worth your while.

 GM      Steve Shedden  [2nd Year]   NA
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