stock car championship racing [Updated August 2000]

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   Maryland Ballroom 1-2   Polo  Valley

Tim Dolan, NJ

2000 Champion

2nd: Andy Lewis, DE

3rd: Bill Place, PA

4th: Darren Velez, NY

5th: Bob Olivere, AZ

6th: Brian Carr, VA
Event History
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1999    Rebekah Garton     37
2000    Tim Dolan     68
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Racing - A Family Affair

Stock Car Championship entries swelled in its first year as an official Century Event. Using the popular MESE format, 11 heat races were held during the three heats allowing 22 drivers to qualify for the Big Race. A record 44 drivers showed up during one heat quickly overflowing the room, but additional space was found and no drivers were turned away.

This year, SCC turned into a family event with returning Champ Rebekah Garton, and her brother Joshua, easily winning heats on the first day assuring them a spot in the finals. Not to be outdone, the Dolan family took to the pavement and all three, Dan Sr, Dan Jr and Tim Dolan all notched qualifying positions as well for the Sunday race.

Heat races were composed of eight drivers using basic rules and single file racing. As this is a beginners tournament, all rules were taught before every heat and rookies were quickly trading paint with the more experienced drivers. A Junior tournament was added as well this year, giving the young game players a taste of racing. The appeal of the big diecast cars works with young and old alike.

With the final race scheduled for 9:00AM Sunday, a few noshows were expected, but 17 of 22 qualifiers did make it to the early morning event. Unfortunately, Dan Sr and Jr opted for other tourneys, leaving young Tim Dolan on his own in the Big Show. The Final race took place on a 60 foot oval with everyone picking their favorite diecast. Returning champ Rebekah Garton, again took to the track in the Vermont Teddy Bear Car. Tim Dolan jumped into the Scooby Doo car and the chase was on.

The Final was a 200 lap race and introduced two lane racing and, if a driver crashed, they were out, no chance for repairs in the finals. Luckily, the race was somewhat uneventful with only one driver crashing. As such, there was plenty of green flag racing with drivers hooking up with each other trying to make it to the front. Defending champ Rebekah Garton hung around the top five for most of the race, but faded in the end to a ninth place finish.

Tim Dolan, on his own, showed he could run with the Big Dogs. His Scooby Doo car slowly and methodically worked its way from the back of the pack to within striking distance of the lead. As the race was winding down, his car started to dominate and he changed lanes to make his move. In the final laps he showed he had all the horsepower he needed in the
outside lane by passing two cars and pulling away from the pack. The drivers on the inside just didn't have enough to keep up and he easily cruised to the checkered flag.

 GM     Michael Garton [2nd year]  NA
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