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Sean Cousins, ME

1999 Champion

2nd: Michael Anchors, MD

3rd: James Jordan, MD

4th: Mike Lescault, MA

5th: Jim Matt, MI

6th: Joshua Dunn, VA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Phil Bower      56
1994    Caleb Cousins      50
1995    Bruce Wigdor      41
1996    John Kilbride      25
1997    Sean Cousins      52
1998    Mike Lescault      44
1999    Sean Cousins     32
AREA Ratings
1    None      -
2    None      -
3    None      -
4    None      -
5    None      -
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Road Rage taken to the next level ...

Machine guns, tire spikes, and hand grenades... Gas siphons, shortcuts, and box canyons... Random events such as oil slicks, drawbridges, and the dreaded Large Roadkill. Wrap all of these up in a system that guarantees even the last place car still has a chance to win, and you have the WBC Roadkill tournament.

Experienced players will enjoy the chance to compete in up to three preliminary heats. Novices will be given instruction if present one hour before the start of any first-round heat, as well as the chance to play a "beginners only" game if numbers permit.

Following 1998's marathon championship race, the Final will be limited to six cars this year. This shouldn't decrease the excitement and tension, however, as the chance to duplicate the bizarre circumstances of last year's race will still exist. Three weather events (including Fog on the final section) tested the player's mettle and led to a very close finish (all ten cars on the lead section, with four different drivers attempting exit draws). With both victory and disaster riding on every turn of a card,
the Roadkill tournament offers a level of thrills unmatched by any other game.

All preliminary winners advance to a mini-race Semi-Final at 5 PM Saturday to qualify for the immediately following Final race. Upgrades may be used during Heats if all players agree.

 GM      Sean Cousins  [2nd Year]   96 Cedar St. #4, Bangor, ME 04401
   NA   (207) 941-8568

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