panzerblitz [Updated August 2000]

   13+ every four hours
    9-13   14-17      9-13 


Bill Scott, VA

2000 Champion

2nd: Dave Giordano, NJ

3rd: Jay Zollitsch, WI

4th: Johnny Hasay, PA

5th: Tim Greene, TN

6th: Martin Musella, VA
Event History
1991    Bart Rigg      12
1992    Johnny Hasay      10
1993    Tom Kearney      12
1994    Johnny Hasay      12
1995    Dave Giordano      10
1996    Eduardo De Nuccia      14
1997    Dave Giordano      20
1998    Chuck Leonard      16
1999    Dave Giordano     16
2000    Bill Scott     20
AREA Ratings
 1    David Giordano      6800
 2    Stephen Andriakos      5689
 3    Charles Leonard      5549
 4    Johnny Hasay      5391
 5    Fred Wexler      5291
 6    Craig Bagley      5237
 7    Alan Arvold      5226
 8    Daniel Hoffman      5194
 9    Ken Oates      5171
10    Timothy Greene      5166

The first "hit" wargame

A first time plaque winner was crowned the Panzerblitz champion this year. Bill Scott earned a remarkable win over defending champ Dave Giordano in a well-played situation #14 final. Bill's German forces rushed onto the board 2 plateau and setup North & South of the town in an excellent spotting position. After Dave's counterattack failed, Bill cleared the town of all Russian units. Completely clearing Bednost, staked Bill to a tremendous 31-0 lead, and proved too much for Dave to overcome. Dave caught a break with an encirclement of seven units that got the Russians back in the game, but though this proved fruitful in points, it delayed Dave in catching up to the main German force. The chase went to the South of the plateau where Bill played a hide-and-seek strategy and ultimately ended on board 1 where Bill played a masterful defensive endgame to seal the victory 41-34. Although it wasn't easy relinquishing my crown, I could not have picked a more deserving champion. Bill is a longtime PanzerLeader GM who never 'played for the wood' in his own specialty, which he would have undoubtedly won quite a few times. Bill played all comers during this tournament and even took the time to play two instructional games. I am very honored to have him as an Assistant GM and more importantly as my friend.

I'm a lucky guy to be the GM of this old classic, I have two of the best Assistant GMs around in Alan Arvold and Bill Scott plus a core of players that provide me with more fun than any gamer deserves to have. Besides my two AGMs, Chuck Leonard, Johnny Hasay, Marty Musella, Tim Greene, Kurt Kurtz, and Jay Zollitsch not only provide outstanding gamesmanship, but a loose and fun atmosphere that I hope all the participants appreciate. Alan spent countless hours researching and developing shorter scenarios with multiple victory conditions that work well for the tournament setting. He is currently working on an updated Wargamers Guide for Panzerblitz which will give all players a concise source of information for this 30 year old classic. I'd also like to thank all the guys who drop by to play a game or two, you keep us going year after year.

We had some close games in the single elimination round on Saturday with Bill Scott taking out Tim Greene 20-16 in situation #14 and Dave Giordano eliminating Marty Musella in Tournament Scenario(TS) #3. The semi-final saw Bill Scott squeezing out a win over Jay Zollitsch, 11-1, in #25. Dave Giordano received a bye due to the other semi-finalist being in another game tournament final. Two past champions, Johnny Hasay & Chuck Leonards' excellent play were both sorely missed in the single elimination rounds as both players had commitments in other games. The Swiss round games were all spirited affairs, as players tuned their skills trying to make the single elimination round. Some highlights were Dave Giordano squeaking out a three-point win over Bill Scott in #14, Bill had the edge in the rematch, which unfortunately for Dave was in the tournament final. Johnny Hasay proved to Bruno Sinigaglio & Kurt Kurtz that his German defense in #1 is virtually unbeatable. Bill Scott gave Chuck Leonard a lesson in hill assault in #25, which had Chuck conceding in nine turns after falling behind 9-5. Jay Zollitsch handed Dave Giordano a one-point loss in TS #1 based on victory condition A. Chuck Leonard and Dave Giordano split two games of #11, as both won controlling the German Juggernaut, Chuck's win was decided on the last turn with some careful infantry and tank placements. Bill Scott had a 9 - 8 1/2 victory in #1A over Jay Zollitsch in playing a solid German defense. In an emphasis on time management for the six-turn situations, Dave Giordano nipped Alan Arvold in 1:36 playing TS#2. This showed that games under two hours are possible with Alan's newly developed situations. The mini situations were also in evidence as many players engaged in the all tank battle that situation #4 from the 1941 set provided. Any situations played during the tournament can be had by E-mailing the GM.

 GM      Dave Giordano  [3rd Year]   4 Wade Ave., Carney's Point, NJ 08069-2626   NA

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