peloponnesian war [Updated August 2000]

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Brian Mountford, NY

2000 Champion

2nd: Orhan Omer, MD

3rd: Chris Roginsky, PA

4th: Kevin Welsh, NJ

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1991    Frank Hamrick       8
1992    None      -
1993    Mark Giddings      10
1994    Kevin McCarthy      10
1995    Frank Hamrick      10
1996    Evan Davis       9
1997    Kevin McCarthy      10
1998    Brian Mountford       8
1999    Chris Roginsky      9
2000    Brian Mountford      8
AREA Ratings
 1    Brian Mountford      5200
 2    Steve Cuccaro      5100
 3    Orhan Omer      5094
 4    William Riggs      5000
 5    Keith Wixson      4994
 6    Luke Warren      4900
 7    Carl Walling II      4900
 8    John Coussis      4809
 9    Chris Roginsky      4711
10    None      -

The Peloponnesian War 431 - 404 B.C.

Indeed the Greek Gods are fickle. After several years of almost exclusive Athenian victories, the Gods again smiled on Sparta, which won more games than Athens. But they did switch sides often. In one game, the auguries die rolls stopped the Athenians cold. While their treasury was a huge 10,250 talents to Sparta's 300, they only had five operations in four turns. Thus, Athenian bellicosity fell to the surrender level through successful Spartan sieges and ravaging. In another game, the Spartans were able to cut the Athenian grain supply from the Black Sea areas and won enough small battles to force an Athenian surrender. But the Gods did not always smile on Sparta. After a small army made its way past nine interception
attempts and ravaged all the way down the Asian coast, the Spartans lost all their ships and half their hoplites during the rest of the first turn. As a result Sparta was too weak to continue past its first operation of the second turn.

The final game saw former champion Brian Mountford as Sparta pitted against Orhan Omer as Athens. On the first turns, both sides tasted both successes and failures. Sparta ravaged the Asian coast, assaulted Macedonia and Stagirus, and reinforced Potidaea, but lost a battle at Larisa and its fleet at Corinth, and incredibly skirmishes killed six Spartan hoplite
strength points. Meanwhile Athens sent a fleet to Byzantium to guard its grain supply and destroyed the Spartan Allied fleet at Corinth. Both sides failed to cause rebellion attempts. The second turn only saw three operations before ending on Auguries die rolls, but in that time the Gods turned against Athens. Corcyran allies suffered a civil war and Delian League allies Lampsacus and Iasus rebelled. Sparta reinforced Macedonia, and eventually killed all the Athenian allies in the north. On turn 3, the Delian League rebellion spread to Olynthus. Sparta again ravaged the Asian coast, sieged Torone, and reinforced Corinth and Potidaea. Athens sent a fleet to siege Melos, again assaulted the Corinthian fleet, and attempted to re-siege Potidaea. In the battle for Corinth, the Athenians won the naval battle, but Sparta won the land battle and retained control. The Athenian siege at Potidaea failed. By the end of the turn, lost battles and the affects of Spartan ravaging, drove Athenian bellicosity to the surrender level. Thus did Brian Mountford regain the championship of PPW.

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