naval war [Updated August 2000]

   13-16   16-19     

    Maryland 4

Susan Ellsworth, IL

2000 Champion

2nd: Ken Good, OH

3rd: Roy Pettis, VA

4th: Martin Svensson, VA

5th: John Ellsworth, IL

6th: Tim Evinger, PA
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    Kenneth Shunk      30
1993    James Endness      18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein      30
1995    Greg Mayer      49
1996    Michael Hart      24
1997    Lauren Hickok      47
1998    Dan Schulman      32
1999    Tim Miller     31
2000    Susan Ellsworth     19
AREA Ratings
 1    Philip Petroski      1717
 2    Chris Covington      1716
 3    William Todd      1706
 4    Guy Todd      1615
 5    David Large      1614
 6    Danny Schulman      1611
 7    Mark Brewer      1576
 8    Tim M iller      1571
 9    Bobby Johnson      1566
10    Robert Hamel      1556

You sank my battleship ...

   Nineteen admirals faced off in this year's Naval War competition. This resulted in a three-table preliminary and six-player final, with table winners and the top three scores from the also-rans advancing.

    The first table saw Debbie Otto grab an early lead - almost always a bad thing, even if the leader acheives that status by default. The rest of the table rewarded her good fortune by eliminating her in each of the next three hands, as Debbie managed to set a record by losing ships in more different ways than anyone else in the tournament. Mines, carriers, subs, destroyers and regular gunfire all contributed to her downfall. Meanwhile, GM John Ellsworth languished near the bottom of the pack but showed his knowledge of the game by scoring 53 points on the last hand to win the table. Rolling a "6" with his destroyer attack significantly aided the cause.

Table 2 proved to be a hangout for sharks, advancing four players to the final while leaving past champion Greg Mayer out of the running with 67 points. Newcomer Bill Beckman, taught the game as it was being played, ended up with a negative score but earned commendations for his upbeat mood throughout. Destroyer attacks took out ten of his ships through the course of the game. Ken Good and Sue Ellsworth earned a homemade "Shoot Here" target, but still led the pack leaving the table.

At Table 3, last year's finalist Matt Evinger lost out to a strength-5 minefield attack. His destroyers managed to sink but one ship. Martin Svensson used a big last hand to edge Stuart Sahl for the prelim victory.

The final round proved that the four players from Table 2 knew what they were doing, as they finished 1-2-3. Sue Ellsworth and Ken Good jumped off to big early leads, while the GM drew five additional ships before the first card was played and was blasted by all of the mine cards thereafter. His ten-ship fleet managed to score -4 points. In the second hand, Martin was soon reduced to a fleet of carriers. He put them to good use, sinking five ships with them. In a rarity for this game, the people who were 1-2-3 at the end of the first hand finished that way, with Sue Ellsworth edging out Ken Good and Roy Pettis in a game where only 18 points separated first from last.

 GM      John Ellsworth  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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