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Chris Sasso, OH

2000 Champion

2nd: Trevor Bender, CA

3rd: Cliff Hansen, NM

4th: Zack Metcalf, NC

5th: Michael Metcalf, NC

6th: Dan McGowan, ME
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Cliff Hansen      20
1994    David Metzger      22
1995    Steve Chilcote      20
1996    David Chilcote      26
1997    Andy Lewis      20
1998    David Metzger      16
1999    David Metzger     13
2000    Chris Sasso     15
AREA Ratings
 1    David Metzger      5449
 2    Cliff Hansen      5288
 3    Chris Sasso      5237
 4    Trevor Bender      5187
 5    Dan McGowan      5110
 6    Jon Diminnie      5100
 7    Michael Metcalf      5097
 8    John Metzger      5080
 9    James Kramer II      5037
10    Zack Metcalf      5012


The Mustangs tournament used the basic game rules plus the optional rules for ammunition limits, hit types and effects, head-on firing speed limits and breaking contact. The format for the contest was three preliminary rounds of Axis aircraft vs. Allied aircraft. For the first time this year, we had players bid victory points for the choice of aircraft. The top four pilots advanced to the semi-finals based on their won-loss-draw record, with damage points inflicted as the first tie breaker. Players scored two points for each hit on an opposing aircraft (but not more than the aircraft was valued) and the printed aircraft value for destroying the aircraft. Players were considered to draw the game if the point difference was two or less.

Round 1 pitted two Allied F4U-1A Corsairs against two Axis N1K1-Jb Georges. For the first time in the tournament history, there were more Corsair wins than George wins (four Corsair wins with scores of 15-0, 26-8, 24-7 & 29-4, one George win with a score of 12-2 and two draws of 8-6 and 10-8). Bidding made a difference in one of the games of this round as a George victory became a draw when the bid was added.

Round 2 had two Allied P-38L Lightnings fly against two FW-190A8s. There were five Allied victories (by scores of 24-3, 24-7, 24-1, 12-4, & 18-0), and two Axis victories (by scores of 26-2 and 19-12).

Round 3 matched P-51D Mustangs against FW-190D9s. The allies again came out on top with five victories (17-10, 14-2, 15-7, 26-0, & 21-13) vs. two axis victories (13-4 and 30-16).

The first two seeds for the semi-finals were Cliff Hansen (3-0-0 record) and Trevor Bender (2-0-1 record). The last two semi-finalists had to be chosen by tie-breaker. Dan McGowan, Chris Sasso, Zach Metcalf and his father Mike all tied with two wins and a loss. The first tie-breaker was damage points inflicted. Zach led with 53 and Chris was second with 40; just enough to nip Mike who had 39 points and Dan who had 31.

In the semi-final round, Cliff Hansen (with two T-bolts) fought Chris Sasso (two Mustangs). Cliff got the first kill of the game but received a fuel hit and fire in the process. Cliff dove down to successfully extinguish the fire, but Chris followed. Cliff attempted to break off with his aircraft but was not able to get away. Chris was able to get a last shot into the wounded plane and send it down in flames and draw the game by a score of 19-17. Unfortunately, Cliff had a conflict with another tournament, could not replay the semi-final, and therefore Chris advanced to the finals. The other semi-final saw Trevor Bender (Georges) defeat Zach Metcalf (T-bolts) by a score of 19-13. Trevor used the tactic of positioning his units last and placing them atop one another as close to the center of the board as he could. By placing the units as far up the board as he could, he often got the first shooting opportunity (since his opponents would have to turn before they faced him for a shot). The double stack allowed Trevor two shots (one from each plane).

In the finals Trevor (Georges) matched up against Chris (Thunderbolts). Trevor used the same tactic he had had success with in the semi-finals, but his initial attacking die rolls resulted in only one minor hit. Once in the middle of the dogfight, the better firepower and defensive factor of Chris' T-bolts overcame the better maneuverability of the Georges. Chris soon shot down one of the Georges. In the meantime, with poor die rolls conspiring against him, Trevor ran out of ammo before he could shoot down any Thunderbolts. Chris Sasso was the Mustangs champion for BPA 2000 by a score of 15-2

Mustangs Furball

As a side event to the Mustangs tournament, we held the fourth almost-annual Mustangs Furball. In this contest, all players (eightthis year) fly their aircraft on a single board. The players pick an aircraft of their choice and set up on the outer ring of the playing board, facing inward. Everyone is then out for themselves in this target rich environment. The game is played as in the normal two-player version with the exception that each player has an identifying chit placed in a cup; the chit is used to determine the player sequence for performing an action. When a player's chit is drawn, that player plots his move or fires weapons. Three players took jets (one Meteor and two Me-262s) and five took either Mustangs or Thunderbolts. The incredible firepower of the Me-262 (+14 die modifier) was too much for everyone else. Only the jets survived (flown by Cliff Hansen, Chris Sasso and Buck Lee) and Chris Sasso piloted the Me-262 with the most kills. He won an etched mug proclaiming him Furball champ for 2000. Losers were consoled for going down in flames by receiving red-hot gum.

 GM      Stephen Munchak  [6th Year]   13535 Union Village Circle, Clifton, VA 20124   (703) 266-0879

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