legends of robin hood [updated August 2000]



Ted Simmons, NJ

2000 Champion

2nd: Mathew Beach, MD

3rd: Erica Kirchner, KY

4th: Michelle Arnold, VA

5th: Alex Price, NJ

6th: Alex Henning, CT

Robin's Merry Little Men and Ladies

During WBC 2000, 14 junior outlaws left the campfire in Sherwood Forest and set off to rob gold from the rich to give to the poor. We kept our successful format from last year: three 1-hour rounds were held with the total scores from the first two rounds used to select the five participants in the single elimination final. Winner of preliminary round games included Erica Kirchner (twice), Patrick Crowe, Alex Henning, Natalie Beach and her brother Matthew. The five finalists based on total gold accumulation in these two rounds were Matthew Beach (29 gold in one game), Erica Kirchner (23), Alex Price (15), Michelle Arnold (12), and Ted Simmons (10). The final was extremely close, with four of the five players within three gold on the final turn. Matthew Beach's lead of 10 to 9 over Ted Simmons was put to the test when Ted used his five merry men to rob a nobleman on the forest road on the final turn. All Ted needed was one sword card to earn two gold and take the lead. However four of the five cards were missing that elusive sword -- only on the last card did Ted prevail over Matthew by a single gold coin! Congratulations to all our players, who were all terrific sports.

Special congratulations go to Erica Kirchner (our sportsmanship nominee) who
didn't grumble a bit about finishing in third place for a third time in the Robin Hood event.

 GM      Ed Beach  [3rd Year]   NA
    NA   NA

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