greed [Updated August 2000]


  Maryland 3  

Jessica Greenwood, MD

2000 Champion

2nd: Tim Kirchner, KY

3rd: John Coussis, IL

4th: Richard Irving, CA

5th: John Keating, IL

6th: Christina Cousins, ME
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    Linda Pedlow      67
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    Randy Cox      23
1997    Ray Stakenas      30
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      36
1999    Debbie Bell     26
2000    Jessica Greenwood     57
AREA Ratings
 1    Debbie Bell      1543
 2    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      1535
 3    Greg Mayer      1533
 4    Stephen Kershaw      1530
 5    Joseph Fuest      1527
 6    Andrew Maly      1524
 7    John Ellsworth      1520
 8    Debbie Otto      1515
 9    Bruce Reiff      1512
10    John Zahorsky      1509

Grumpy's Daughter Beats Him Again

As Greed moved from its Sunday morning position to a late night entry, 57 participants stepped up to roll the dice and determine who was the greediest of them all. Trevor Bender started things off in the first position banking scores of 750 and 200 to post a total of 950 for the rest of the field to chase. Bill Place, rolling fifth, was the next player to score. Bill posted a score of 450 in his first roll but failed to score in his second turn and became the first of many to bite the bullet reaching for the bar.

After five more rollers, Christina Cousins stepped up and scored 1000 points in her first turn to take the lead. A second turn roll of 400 left Christina at 1400 as the bar was raised.

Christina's lead was short lived as Tim Kirchner stepped up in the 14th spot and used a roll of GREED$ to power his way into the lead with a score of 1050 in both turns for a total of 2100. Tim's score was the first legitimate score posted that seemed likely to be good enough to hold out for the win. Stepping up to the table in the 17th position, James Wicht posted a first turn score of 1150 to get half way there before the dice failed him in the second turn.

Jessica Greenwood then stepped up to the table in the 19th position and showed the rest of the field how to play the game. After several scoring rounds in her first turn, Jessica took the six dice in her hands and rolled GREED$, enabling her to post a score of 1600 on her first turn and become a legitimate threat to Tim's lead. Not wanting to be another of the players to be a one turn phenomena, Jessica continued her hot rolling, managing to roll a second GREED$ and post another score of 1800. This combined score of 3400 proved insurmountable for the remaining players.

Out of the next eight rollers, only Sue Ellsworth, Richard Irving, and John Coussis managed to post first turn scores before falling in their second turns in their attempt to catch the leader. 25 players followed without scoring in either turn before John Keating posted a first turn of 1500 to have a chance before falling victim to the dice in his second turn.

Kevin Youells then stepped up in the final and 57th position to attempt to unseat Jessica in her attempt to capture the wood. Kevin posted a first turn score of 1000 but was unable to continue scoring in his second turn, allowing Jessica Greenwood to become triumphant with her rolls of GREED$ -- and in the process once again allowing one of grouchy's daughters to take home more wood than the old man.

Of the 57 players, only 11 players posted scores and only four scored in both of their turns. The final standings saw Jessica Greenwood win with 3400 points followed by Tim Kirchner (2100), John Coussis (1950), Richard Irving (1500), John Keating (1500), and Christina Cousins (1400).

[Many thanks to Ken Gutermuth who took over this event after the GM was called away on an emergency.]

 GM      Peter Staab  [2nd Year]   700 Bayridge Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15226-2112
    NA   NA

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