fortress europa [updated August 2000]

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Robert Frisby, VA

2000 Champion

2nd: Brad Frisby, MD

3rd: Randy Schilb, MO

4th: James Tracy II, NE

5th: Paul Koenig, CA

6th: Randy Heller, MD
Event History
1991    Randy Schilb       8
1992    Michael Newman      22
1993    Michael Newman      16
1994    Michael Newman      12
1995    Trevor Bender      12
1996    Randy Heller      12
1997    Randy Schilb      10
1998    Paul Koenig      14
1999    Bruno Sinigaglio     13
2000    Robert Frisby     16
AREA Ratings
 1    Randy Heller      6529
 2    Charles Jehlen II      5603
 3    Bruno Sinigaglio      5560
 4    Terrence Zuber      5546
 5    Randy Schilb      5294
 6    Paul Koenig      5094
 7    Kenneth Rutkowski      5077
 8    John Grant II      5071
 9    Kevin Hacker      5009
10    Lewis Ritter      4986

A Return to the Century

It took six years of treading water as a Trial event, but Fortress Europa returned to the Century with a full field of competitors for a four-round tournament. And they said it couldn't be done ...

After four rounds of battle, the title became a family affair with the Frisby brothers squaring off for the crown. The Allies invaded in the 7th Army District, taking St. Malo on a 4-1 plus 2 attack and placing their mulberry in the rough hex closest to St. Malo. They destroyed four German units on the coast, and a 2-1 attack by two airborne divisions retreated two armor divisions deployed next to St. Malo. The Allies began to advance toward Cherbourg and Caen. The Germans airlifted a
paratroop division into Cherbourg and reinforced Lorient and St. Nazaire with the two armor units that retreated from the area near St. Malo. German reinforcements converged on the 7th Army district. The Germans attacked the units approaching Cherbourg at 4-1 using ground support. This attack failed to destroy the Allied units, but did allow the Germans to screen
Cherbourg and thereby prevent a June II first impulse Allied assault on the key port. On June II the Allies fanned out from their beachhead, occupying Caen and three other unfortified cities in the district. The Allies attacked but failed to take St. Nazaire on a 3-1. The Germans launched a counterattack which took back one city and destroyed General Montgomery's HQ, the only Allied HQ in France. On June III there was a storm, and the Allies could not land another HQ. Most Allied units moved into cities to remain in supply, enabling the Germans to advance toward St. Malo. On June IV the Allies failed to take Cherbourg on a 4-1 attack. The Germans advanced closer to St. Malo and took back another city. On July I there was another storm which prevented the Allies from advancing or attacking Cherbourg at high odds.

On July II the Germans countered most of the Allies' tactical air support, preventing them from attacking Cherbourg at high odds. By this time the Allies controlled only two cities: St. Malo and Caen. The Germans parachuted a 6-4 into Cherbourg to reinforce the garrison. On July III the Allies failed to take Cherbourg at 3-1, and their paratroop drop and other attacks failed to take any cities. Robert's Germans had won the day.

 GM      Paul Koenig  [3rd Year]   310 Cabrillo St., Cosa Mesa, CA 92627    NA

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