down in flames [Updated August 2000]

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   Salon EF  

Mike Lam, CA

2000 Champion

2nd: Roger Taylor, VA

3rd: Andrew Maly, MD

4th: George Young, VT

5th: Winston Forrest, VA

6th: John Ellsworth, IL
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    None      -
1996    None      -
1997    None      -
1998    None      -
1999    Roger Taylor     21
2000    Mike Lam     30
AREA Ratings
 1    Michael Lam      5520
 2    Andrew Maly      5410
 3    John Emery      5356
 4    Dallas Hoag      5289
 5    Gregory Courter      5223
 6    Edward Karpowicz      5187
 7    Roger Taylor      5186
 8    Stuart Smart      5131
 9    John Setear      5114
10    William Alderman      5092

Down in Flames ...

This year's tournament was a great success. Even after undergoing a name change (last year's event was based on the first game in the series "Rise of the Luftwaffe"), the title was clear enough to draw 30 participants; a 42% increase in attendance.

Beyond the change in the name, several modifications were made to the tournament format to allow for the addition of expansion aircraft as well as to cut down on the length of the event. Last year's tournament took close to 14 hours to complete, whereas this year's struggle was finished within seven. Most participants were done in four hours, and free to enter other events.

The tournament consisted of three rounds. The first was a round-robin, where players were free to purchase their elements of aircraft for 12 build points. Each pairing of players had to complete two dog fights, one as the Axis and one as the Allies, before pairing off with different participants. Within this first round, players had to complete as many dog fights as possible during the three-hour time limit, dishing out as much damage as possible. The four players with the highest scores proceded to the second round, where 18 points were available to purchase aircraft. This second round was two hours long, with the two high scorers proceding to the final round. The final round made enough build points available for the finalists to bring out the Me-262 jet fighter.

To make things interesting, players could only use one type of aircraft, once during the course of the tournament. Last year's event was dominated by the FW-190A Wuerger chewing up anything and everything in its path, over and over again. This year, the Wuerger could only be flown once. It was up to the players to decide whether or not it should be used in latter rounds or as a tool to get into latter rounds. In addition to this limitation, players had to decide whether or not to fly two elements of weaker aircraft or one more powerful element, often enhanced with pilot abilities (ace status, extra horsepower, extra bursts, etc). Opting for a single element would result in handing over less points to your opponent if shot down in flames, whereas taking two elements would make it more likely to shoot your opponent down. Decisions, decisions ...

A few of the players proved these roadblocks to be little more than small speedbumps, as they piled up a surprising number of kills during the first round. Andy Maly gets the Ace of Aces award this year for accruing 108 points in the first round. Unfortunately, this record did not translate into the second round where the third and fourth placers (Mike Lam and Roger
Taylor) managed to upset Andy and the second highest scorer, George Young, and make it into the finals. In the finals, Mike proved himself capable to fly the new Nazi Me-262 "wonder weapon," while showing himself able to deal with the same while flying for the RAF. Congratulations Mike!

And thanks to all who participated. Next year's event promises to be better yet!

RANKING (points in first, second, and final rounds as noted)
01. Mike Lam (81, 42, 17)
02. Roger Taylor (79, 34, 10)
03. Andrew Maly (108, 26)
04. George Young (91, 22)
05. Winston Forrest (103, dropout)
06. John Elsworth (75)
07. Stefan Hess (67)
08. Bill Alderman (66)
09. Dennis Nicholson (64)
10. John Emery (60)
11. Stuart Smart (60)
12. Dallas Hoag (60)
13. Greg Courter (59)
14. Rich Phares (57)
15. Jeff Spaner (57)
16. Bill Edwards (53)
17. Charles Fiore (49)
18. Chris Janiec (47)
19. John Setear (45)
20. Peter Card (45)
21. Dewayne Curry (44)
22. Rob Mull (43)
23. Jeff Finkeldey (37)
24. Ed Kardowicz (36)
25. Steve Arcidiacono (34)
26. Dan Lawall (33)
27. Sue Ellsworth (27)
28. Chris Lefevre (27)
29. Peter Reese (25)
30. Keith MacFarland (15)

 GM      Michael Nagel  [2nd Year]   25 Tottusal Dr, Burlington Township, NJ 08016   (609) 239-6890

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