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Bruce Reiff, OH

2000 Champion

2nd: Christina Hancock, IL

3rd: Jim Bell, MD

4th: John Coussis, IL

5th: Mark Love, MD

6th: -
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    Randy Cox      17
1993    Joe Bellas      30
1994    Bruce Reiff      39
1995    Alan Ernstein      29
1996    Ken Gutermuth      30
1997    Chuck Foster      20
1998    Jeff Otto      17
1999    Kathy Hitchings     17
2000    Bruce Reiff     25
AREA Ratings
 1    Kathy Hitchings      1529
 2    Matt Fagan      1526
 3    Peter Staab      1524
 4    Bruce Reiff      1514
 5    Bruce Allen      1493
 6    Donna Balkan      1493
 7    Rick Cambron      1493
 8    Vince Collura      1493
 9    Ken Gutermuth      1493
10    Daniel Henry      1493

Speaking of Crooked Politicians ...

As the WBC started its Election Year convention, 25 politicians entered their name into the ring vying for their parties' nomination. Five Preliminary round games would advance the winners to a five-player final.

The first game saw defending champion Katherine Hitchings paired up with previous champions and Hall of Famers Bruce Reiff and Ken Gutermuth. Katherine jumped to an early lead by conquering New York but as the convention started, Reiff and Gutermuth were in a dead heat with 94 votes. The first round of the convention for the 130 undecided votes was expected to be a very scandalous affair as three scandal cards remained in the players' hands. In a surprise round, none of the scandals were played and Reiff managed to conquer the undecided and go on to be the first to advance to the finals.

The second game saw Jim Bell, enter the preliminaries with just Arizona and Rhode Island's support for 12 votes. Jim managed to win the 147 undecided votes and go on to capture his table's nomination in the final round of the convention.

The third game saw a newcomer emerge to the finals. Mark Love used the strength of his win in California to enter the convention in second place. Two wins in the convention enabled Mark to advance from his table.

The fourth game saw John Zahorsky jump out to a large lead entering the convention with 149 votes. John's win of the 113 undecided votes gave him a commanding lead with 262 votes. Entering the convention with just 53 votes, one above being the first player eliminated, Christina Hancock decided it was her turn to make a move toward John's lead. Christina went on to capture the next three rounds of the convention and overtake John to advance to the finals.

The fifth game saw perennial finalist John Coussis lead from start to finish to enable him to join Bruce Reiff, Mark Love, Jim Bell, and Christina Hancock in the finals.

The finals proved to be a tightly contested race as only five states were undecided after the preliminaries. Bruce Reiff used an early win in California to enter the convention in the lead with 122 votes, Christina Hancock entered the convention in second place with 91 votes despite a scandal and deadlock on her favorite son in Massachusetts. John Coussis was in third with 89 votes, using his favorite son in Texas. Jim Bell was fourth with 78 votes and Mark Love sat on the bubble with 72. Repeating his first round performance, Jim Bell won the 74 undecided votes to vault into first place. Christina Hancock won the next round to take the lead and leave John Coussis as the second player to be eliminated and putting Bruce Reiff in a must win position. Showing why he has won more tournaments then anyone else in the history of the convention, Bruce Reiff went on to take the next two rounds of the convention and emerge as the first player to win the Candidate tournament more than once.

 GM      Ken Gutermuth  [7th Year]  434 Ridgemont Dr., Lawrenceville, GA 30045   (678) 442-8648

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