attack sub [Updated August 2000]

     10-12    13-15 

   Salon EF

Bill Edwards, VA

2000 Champion

2nd: Henry Jones, PA

3rd: Jerry Smolens, PA

4th: Andy Maly, MD

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1991    John Fuqua      33
1992    Steve Rugh      26
1993    Bruce Young      34
1994    Dave Kuchta      46
1995    Jack Reid     40
1996    John Emery   40
1997    John Emery      32
1998    Earl Anderson      32
1999     Brian Conlon     36
2000     Bill Edwards      32
AREA Ratings
 1    Marty Bryant      1620
 2    Jack Reid      1605
 3    James Fuqua      1535
 4    Michael Nagel      1535
 5    Jeffrey Lange      1500
 6    Ed Musselman      1500
 7    Richard Trockel      1465
 8    Eric Young      1465
 9    Bruce Wigdor      1465
10    Brian Conlon      1465

Run silent, run deep ... well, silent anyway

Attack Sub returned again as one of only three events to have its entire tournament played on Sunday. The magic number of 32 participants enrolled and allowed eight groups of four players to play randomly assigned round robin leagues and thus guarantee everyone at least three matches. The eight winners of these leagues then played a single elimination final.

A random draw started each match with the winner getting choice of side or scenario and the right to go first. The scenarios were originally to be restricted to A, C, D, or H. Some contestants thought scenario H was also in play but that turned out to be the gamemaster's initial! There was considerable response to the pre-tournament e-mail requesting that scenarios B and E also be approved and by a unanimous vote of the GM and his two assistants, John Emery and Bruce Young, this modification was

Attack Sub's Sunday location has hamstrung it in prior years with many fine players skipping it to play in other tourney finals. The move of some finals to Saturday brought back a number of old salts and enlivened the event.

Winning their round robin heats but unable to move out of the quarter finals were Mark Yoshikawa (who taught the game to the GM back in Camp Hill at Avaloncon II), Steve Huskey, Robert Mull, and Dave Gant. Mark and Steve lost playing the Americans in scenario A's "Sub Duel". That was the most popular scenario at all levels. Robert could not prevail against the British in "Falklands", scenario D and Dave's NATO force was overwhelmed in "Search and Destroy", scenario B.

The first semi-final saw Andy Maly select the Russians in "A" against Henry Jones. Henry would quickly prove the balance of that scenario by winning as the Americans. In the other semi-final Bill Edwards, who was one player who had missed the event in the past few years, showed he had shook off the dust by repeating his quarter-final triumph as the Russians in "B", this time over Jerry Smolens.

The final match had Henry Jones back as the Russian in Sub Duel against Bill Edwards' two Los Angeles class Americans. Bill's USS Baltimore did the convention city proud by storming into a quick contact against the Russian Skvortsov. A first hit damaged sensors and a second hit damaged the Russian's attack capability. Bill's attacks were relentless and finally a third fish hit and the Skvortsov went down.

As the second deck began, Bill's Baltimore was gaining stronger contact on Henry's remaining Ivan Rogov while the Los Angeles appeared content to take up a reserve role. Three Baltimore torpedoes missed Ivan Rogov before Henry could guide the Russian into position to fire a shot which likewise missed. That torpedo zipping by Baltimore seemed to have been enough for the fire control party to step it up a notch and on the next play Baltimore hit and sank Ivan Rogov with one torpedo.

Bill Edwards thus not only returned to Attack Sub but went home with its plaque. Congratulations to Bill, Henry and all the other participating Captains! Next year the tourney will be placed into the capable hands of John Emery who will be the next Sub gamemaster. Good hunting!

 GM      Keith Hunsinger  [3rd Year]   2038 Royal Oak Ave., Defiance, OH 43512    (419) 782-3134

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