adel verpflichtet [Updated August 2000]

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 Maryland 3

Richard Irving, CA

2000 Champion

2nd: Mark Geary, OH

3rd: Ray Pfeiffer, MD

4th: Carolyn DeMarco, NJ

5th: Jean De Lattre, Belgium

6th: Wendy DeMarco, NJ
Event History
1991    Ray Pfeiffer      23
1992    Terry Tegler      34
1993    Tom DeMarco      55
1994    Ralph May      49
1995    Beth Barnard      65
1996    Ray Pfeiffer      32
1997    Thomas Stokes      54
1998    Marc Geary      64
1999    Ray Pfeiffer     46
2000    Richard Irving     40
AREA Ratings
 1    None      -
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 3    None      -
 4    None      -
 5    None      -
 6    None      -
 7    None      -
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10    None      -

And Other Equally Unpronounceable Stuff ...

This year's attendance was down 15% - perhaps a consequence of stiffening competition from more German games, or at least an unfortunate collision with Settlers. There were eight tables for the first and second rounds, and seven for the third and fourth. For each of the four games in the opening session, each player scores for their finish position (five points for first, four points for second, and so on down to one point for fifth). The ten players with the most points then advance to the semifinal. Abby Cocke, '98 champ Marc Geary, and Richard Irving led after two games with two victories each. Larry Kratz & Carolyn DeMarco finished strong with two wins each in the third & fourth games. Fourteen out of a possible 20 points was the cutoff so that ten could advance. Richard Irving finished with 19 points. Marc Geary had 18 points. Both had three wins in four tries.
Greg Mayer, Jean Louis DeLattre, Lane Hess, and defending champion Ray Pfeifer all finished with 16, while Larry Kratz & John Conlon scored 15, and John Weber, Carolyn DeMarco, & Wendy DeMarco scored 14 points. John lost out on the tiebreaker, so the DeMarcos became the final two to advance.

Richard and Marc continued their dominance in the semis, winning the first two games and advancing to the finals; Carolyn &
Wendy finished second. Jean Louis & Carolyn won the final two games and advanced, Ray & Lane finished second. Ray's
finish of +3 spaces past the finish line and a set of 12 cards allowed him to keep his flickering title defense alive, just edging Wendy's +3 spaces and 11 cards (finishing 6th) and Lane's -3 spaces and seven cards (finishing 7th).

In the final, Richard was not to be denied, surging ahead to finish eight spaces ahead of the pack, but with a mere three-card
set. Marc's 11-card set earned him the eight-space bonus, vaulting him from fifth to second. Ray's nine-card set gave him the four-space bonus, allowing him to solidify his grip on third and the last wood. Carolyn had no set at all and fell from second to fourth, while Jean Louis finished in fifth with an eight-card set.

Stats: The blue player won ten of the 30 first round games, the yellow & green players won only four times each. The yellow player finished last in 11 of the games while the blue player only finished last twice.

Kimberly Mays and Scott Marcotte each finished a game with a 15-card set. '97 champ Thomas Stokes was the game winner with the largest ending set of 14. Richard (twice) and Carolyn each won games where they ended with no set at all.

Lane Hess finished 14 spaces ahead of the competition for the biggest lead at the finish, while Joseph Wetherell just edged out John Conlon, ten cards to nine, to claim the closest 1-2 finish.

'93 champ Tom DeMarco won a game in which all five players finished within a span of four spaces, and Marc won a game
at +11 spaces past the finish line for the most advanced win.

 GM      Ray Pfeiffer [8th Year]  NA
    NA   NA

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