5th fleet [Updated August 2000]



Jim Eliason, NY

2000 Champion

2nd: Luje Warren, DC

3rd: Aaron Silverman, NJ

4th: Jimmy Fleckenstein, PA

5th: -

6th: -
Event History
1991    Herbert Gratz      10
1992    Jim Fleckenstein      10
1993    Chris Rosetti       8
1994    None      -
1995    Andy Maly       8
1996    Jim Eliason      10
1997    Jack Morrell       8
1998    Jim Eliason      11
1999    Jimmy Fleckenstein      9
2000    Jim Eliason      8
AREA Ratings
 1    James Eliason      5720
 2    Jimmy Fleckenstein      5440
 3    James Fleckenstein      5303
 4    David Cross      5031
 5    Stuart Smart      4974
 6    Jamie Tang      4911
 7    David Robinson      4891
 8    David Davis      4877
 9    John Ellsworth      4809
10    None      -

Still on Trial ...

Well, once again, the diehards turned out for this year's tournament -- keeping us barely afloat for another bout of Trial status in 2001. Under the supervision of the most recent addition to the rotating Fleet GMs, eight people battled it out for control of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. This year provided us with some new blood, some old blood, and a lot of good gaming on all sides throughout the event. The first round was a quick one, with only the lower level complexity scenarios allowed to ensure those just learning the system a chance to master some of the mechanics. Aaron Silverman handed Jim Fleckenstein, the returning champion, a marginal loss, while Jim Eliason beat Benoix Groulx decisively, demonstrating the varied results that were seen in all of the rounds. The last game featured newcomers squaring off against each other, with Luke Warren getting the better of Chuck Ford. Second round action was much more typical of the system's complexity, as the nestlings spread their wings into the more complex scenarios. The battle of the Jims resulted in a one-point victory for Eliason, reinforcing the quality of the final game last year. Aaron and Luke faced off, with Luke the winner, and Chuck and Benoix fenced with Chuck garnering the victory. Round 3 was quick and dirty, with Jim Fleckenstein beating Benoix and Eliason beating Chuck. The finals showed an impressive spread: the Jims, veterans of past tournaments, played against two newcomers of the game, Luke and Aaron. Fleckenstein was beaten by Luke in a hard-fought match, and Eliason eliminated Aaron from contention. The finals, played late into the evening, pitted Luke's new strategies against the grognard Eliason, with Eliason earning the victory after a long and hard-fought scenario. Despite the system's depth and complexity, the four new players that arrived early to learn the rules gave the old timers a sincere run for their money, and all of them immediately took to heart the lessons that experience taught them. Thanks to Jim Eliason and Aaron Silverman for helping as AGMs. As rules clarifications and questions were popping up all over the place, a sure sign that the players were absorbing every tidbit of information to question the rules. Thanks to all who played, and as your GM, I hope to see you all back next year.

 GM      Jimmie Fleckenstein  [1st Year]   139 Simmons Hall, Centre Halls, University Park, PA 16802
    NA   NA

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