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Updated Dec. 22, 2013

Grognards Pre-Con
2013 WBC Report    

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Scott Bramley, NJ

2013 Champion


Event History
1991    Scott Romanowski      12
1992    Jeff Miller      19
1993    Brian Laskey      14
1994    Eric Stranger      15
1995    Kevin Welsh        8
1996    Eric Stranger      10
1997    Kevin Welsh      12
1998    Peter Pollard      17
1999    Peter Pollard      19
2000    Mike Pacheco     18
2001    Peter Pollard     20
2002    Andrew Cummins     22
2003     Peter Pollard     21
2004    Bill Thomson     24
2005    Mike Pacheco     18
2006    David Van Bronkhorst     22
2007     Bill Thomson     21
2008    Eric Stranger     25
2009    Phil Grasha     21
2010     Andrew Cummins     19
2011    Andrew Cummins     22
2012    Bill Thomson     17
2013    Scott Bramley     19

PBeM Event History
2000    Andy Cowdery      16
2006    David von Bronkhorst     26


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Pete Pollard       CA    13    241
  2.  Bill Thomson       TX    13    238
  3.  Andrew Cummins     uk    13    182
  4.  Eric Stranger      OH    12     95
  5.  David v Bronkhorst VA    06     86
  6.  Phil Grasha        PA    13     81
  7.  Mike Pacheco       CA    06     78
  8.  Scott Bramley      NJ    13     66
  9.  Chuck Leonard      PA    11     40
 10.  Michael Day        AZ    13     33
 11.  Michael Hennessy   VA    05     30
 12.  Allen Kaplan       NJ    00     27
 13.  Eric Filipowski    MD    09     22
 14.  Bryan Van Nortwick NC    04     21
 15.  David Gubbay       TX    07     18
 16.  Bill Pittman       VA    99     18
 17.  Warren Day         AZ    01     16
 18.  Francis Spencer    CT    00     15
 19.  Neal Ekengren      FL    06     12
 20.  John Blazel        WA    06     12
 21.  Bob Menzel         MA    05     12
 22.  Dan Leader         WA    99     12
 23.  Andy Cowdery       IL    00     10
 24.  Rick Northey       MA    10      8
 25.  Bill Sosnicki      NJ    08      4
 26.  John Sharp         FL    07      3
 27.  Eric Dunsmore      CA    03      3
 28.  Stefan Eriksson    sw    06      2

2013 Laurelists                                    Repeating Laurelists:

Bill Thomson, TX

Andrew Cummins, uk

Pete Pollard, TN

Michael Day, AZ

Phil Grasha, PA

Past Winners

Scott Romaowski, MA

Eric Stranger, OH
1994, 1996, 2008

Kevin Welsh, NJ
1995, 1997

Peter Pollard ,TN
'98-99, '01, '03

Mike Pacheco, CA
2000, 2005

Andrew Cummins, uk
2002, 2010-11

Bill Thomson, TX
2004, 2007, 2012

David von Bronkhorst, VA

Phil Grasha, PA

Scott Bramley, NJ

Tim Carnahan vs Pete Pollard

Chuck Leonard vs Andrew Cummins

Battling Father Time ...

2013 was Squad Leader's 23rd year of competition under Don Greenwood at The World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) and it's predecessor Avaloncon. A little less for wear and tear is true of both the game boxes and a few players in attendance this year, each with color fading and sides starting to bulge a little. Although the 'new game smell' is long gone, both the game and player base remain remarkably resistant to the passage of time. The players sit across the board through years untold, with many opponents long ago a memory, to face off once again in the Streets of Stalingrad.

19 such worthies tested their tactical prowess and luck in 39 games of Squad Leader (19), Cross of Iron (13), Crescendo of Doom (3) and G. I.: Anvil of Victory (2.) Eight of them had participated in at least seven of the past eight years and six put their toe in the water for the first time. This year's first ever demonstration of the game as a "B" event actually added to the players list. The GM assisted players in finding games and play occurred in free form throughout the week and the preceding Pre-con. Players earned points for winning and bonus points for defeating better players. The four highest scoring players faced off in the elimination rounds at the end of the week.

Players could select from among 38 approved scenarios (and by mutual agreement many more unapproved scenarios) that covered specific actions in WWII including the American crossing of the Rhine at Hitdorf, the 82nd Airborne charged with blocking German troop movement in Sicily, the German capture of Balta, the Russian 37th Guards counterattacking German positions in Stalingrad and many more. The average scenario size was 60 counters with the smallest having ten counters and the largest having 164. Scenarios are rated by their record and an 'infantry to AFV' scale that assists the selection of an appropriate scenario. The scenarios included choices of infantry only, combined arms and AFV only.

Squad Leader play slowed on Thursday when several die-hard squad leaders dropped their rifles and took to the skies for a game of B-17: Queen of the Skies. These downed Air Crews were quickly captured and immediately returned to the front lines of Squad Leader, this GM was personally credited with four such captures.

Nevertheless, the creme always rises to the top. The semifinals paired four veteran foot sloggers with ten titles between them who were determined to up that number to 11. Bill Thomson and Pete Pollard played Mogilev, an On All Fronts scenario that charges the Germans with clearing a hill and roadway of all Russian units. The Germans receive seven squads and half-tracks, two PSW 222 armored cars and one Panzerjager I with a 47L gun. The Russians are challenged with keeping alive at least one unit out of eight inexperienced squads, eight regular squads and two T-26s. The inexperienced units, as they often did, broke and ran at the sight of the German half-tracks. Concentrating force and rolling low sealed the demise of the regular Russian troops and their armor was soon smoldering from the Panzerjager positioned on the hill. German victory.

Scott Bramley and Andrew Cummings played Eviction Notice, a Squad Leader Academy scenario in 1944 France with the Americans assaulting a German observation post. Six American squads and armor, including a 24 IFT M-16 'Chopper' strike hard at eight fanatic German squads guarding the observation post and their reinforcing STGs and Demolition Charge toting Assault Engineers. The OP was almost in American hands when their Demolition Charge rubbled the only stairs up to the second level and denied them access to the sole German leader occupying the OP. The last turn found the German leader hoping the building would offer enough protection from withering point blank fire and the Americans exhausting almost all of their firepower before eliminating him for a victory.

So fate thus found Bill and Scott squaring off in 'Tooth and Nail' which takes us to the Yelnia Salient during August of 1941. We find the Germans denuded of Panzer support and fending off Zhukov's first sustained offensive. This Scenario charges the Russians to occupy with a non-broken, non-berserk, melee free squad any six of nine victory hexes dotted across the board. They have a force of 24 squads and four T-34s to accomplish this task. The Germans start with nine squads, two ATGs and are reinforced with three Assault Engineers toting a Flamethrower and Demolition Charges, a STG III and two armed half-tracks.

Bill fought his Russians down the board and found himself in need of one more victory location for a win. The brave Russians try firing to clear a path for the T-34 but it is stopped by an IM roll of '1,1'. The last two charging Russian squads found an untimely demise in another KIA from the STG. The Germans hold four Victory Locations for a win and Scott Bramley joined the Band of Brothers of WBC champions.

The full After Action Report of 'Tooth and Nail' is here, remember to click 'display images'.


Eviction Notice Scenario Card: https://www.googledrive.com/host/0BxBhV3GHa1N8WGNrN0JJZGxRaUk/ADA00103A.pdf

Tooth and Nail Scenario Card: https://www.googledrive.com/host/0BxBhV3GHa1N8WGNrN0JJZGxRaUk/ADA00102A.pdf

Tooth and Nail AAR:


Squad Leader Academy Scenarios: http://www.wargameacademy.org/sqla/Scenarios/ScenariosSqla/index.html

Frequent adversaries Bill Thomson and Pete Pollard meet again.

Defending champion Bill Thomson loses title to Scott Bramley.
 GM      Scott Bramley  [1st Year]   NA
    NA    NA 

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