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Grognards Pre-Con
2013 WBC Report  

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Bert Schoose, IL

2013 Champion


Event History
1991    Bart Rigg      12
1992    Johnny Hasay      10
1993    Tom Kearney      12
1994    Johnny Hasay      12
1995    Dave Giordano      10
1996    Eduardo De Nuccia      14
1997    Dave Giordano      20
1998    Chuck Leonard      16
1999    Dave Giordano     16
2000    Bill Scott     20
2001    Bill Scott     12
2002    Marty Musella     18
2003    Bill Scott     16
2004    Chuck Leonard     34
2005     Marty Musella     21
2006    Greg Tanner     19
2007     Bert Schoose     22
2008    Bert Schoose     23
2009    Rich Northey     23
2010    Rich Northey     25
2011    Greg Tanner     25
2012     Greg Tanner     21
2013    Bert Schoose     28
PBeM Event History
2005     Eduardo DeNucci     19


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Marty Musella      VA    12    161
  2.  Bert Schoose       IL    13    139
  3.  Bill Scott         VA    12    139
  4.  Greg Tanner        AZ    13    128
  5.  Chuck Leonard      PA    11    120
  6.  Rich Northey       MA    13     86
  7.  Alan Arvold        IL    13     51
  8.  Dave Giordano      NJ    01     47
  9.  Johnny Hasay       PA    12     33
 10.  Eduardo DeNucci    ag    05     26
 11.  Donald Webster     MD    05     21
 12.  Tom Cooper         OH    05     15
 13.  Art Dohrman        AL    13     12
 14.  Bill Thomson       TX    10     12
 15.  Peter Bertram      GA    05     12
 16.  Dave Talmage       VA    01     12
 17.  Jay Zollitsch      WI    00     12
 18.  Steve Andriakos    TX    07      9
 19.  Joe Avinger        GA    05      8
 20.  Matt Spitznagel    MD    03      8
 21.  Tim Greene         TN    00      8
 22.  Paul Grosser       MD    13      6
 23.  Randy MacInnis     NJ    05      6
 24.  Kurt Kurtz         OH    03      6
 25.  John Sharp         FL    05      5
 26.  Fred Schwarz       MI    05      4
 27.  Mark McBride       OH    02      3
 28.  Bill Riggs         VA    03      2
 29.  Tom Shaw           MD    02      1

2013 Laurelists                                          Repeating Laurelists:

Greg Tanner, AZ

Art Dohrman, AL

Alan Arvold, IL

Paul Grosser, MD

Rick Northey, MA

Past Winners

91: Bart Rigg, KY
Tom Kearney, NC

Johnny Hasay, PA
1992, 1994

Dave Giordano, NJ
1995, 1997, 1999

Eduardo DeNucci, ARG

Chuck Leonard, PA
1998, 2004

Bill Scott, VA
2000-2001, 2003

Marty Musella, VA
2002, 2005

Greg Tanner, AZ
2006, 2011-12

Bert Schoose, IL
2007-08, 2013

Rich Northey, MA
2009, 2010

Rich Northey and Chuck Leonard add a Panzer Leader board.

Alan Arvold vs Greg Tanner

43 Years & Counting ...

An Old Favorite

This year saw several players who had not played a game of PanzerBlitz in several decades sit down for a game from their youth. The GM, Rick Northey, found himself playing a lot of games with grognards who wandered in to refresh their memories on maneuvering armor and following up with infantry close assaults. Also in the mix were several new situations undergoing playtesting for a tournament debut in 2014.

The final four making the elimination rounds were past champs Greg Tanner and Bert Schoose, Alan Arvold and newcomer Art Dohrman, a WBC first timer but no rookie at PanzerBlitz. Both pairs selected Situation 14. This is the first situation published in The General, (Vol 11, No 4, Nov 1974) after the game's publication. This battle is a German counterattack of a Russian fixed headquarters in the town of Bednost on top of hill 132 on board 2, followed by attempts by Russian reinforcements to envelop the smaller German force.

Both games were close. Bert's Germans opposed Art in semi #1. Bert attacked the hilltop, rolled no sixes, and eliminated the CP on Turn 2. Art's Russian reinforcement column raced toward the hill. At this point, Bert split his forces into two groups. A battle group of infantry and tanks defended the hill, and a diversionary recce group fled to concealing terrain on board 1. The battle raged on hill132 until Turn 5, when Bert decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retreated into board 1 with the rest of his forces. At this point, the score favored Burt 27 - 24. Art needed to gain just four points in three turns. The challenge was to maneuver on the rugged terrain of board 1 and trap German units hiding there. Georgi Zhukov, the famous Russian general once said: "The nature of encounter operations require of the commanders, limitless initiative, and constant readiness to take the responsibility for military actions." By Turn 8, Art had closed to within one point, and had one small patch of swamp preventing his tanks from moving in to destroy a stray infantry platoon. Bert held on to claim victory 27-26.

The second semi unfolded quite differently with the Russian CP surviving in Bednost for three turns and the reinforcement column being effectively delayed by Alan's German recce force blocking the roads. By Turn 4, the battle began on the hill, and most of the German units fled onto board 3. Here, with more open terrain to work with, Greg's highly maneuverable T34 tanks were able to catch isolated German units. Alan led 25 - 14 by Turn 6 with just two turns remaining. At this point, Alan decided to shift his force toward board 1 to take cover in the terrain there. However, a few key Russian units were able to block all the roads, denying access to cover the Germans needed to avoid encirclement. Georgi Zhukov: "There are things in Russia that are not what they seem". Greg was then able to systematically destroy several German units to pull out a 28-25 Russian victory in another exciting ending.

The Final game between the two former champions was a revised Situation 45. For better play balance at this year's WBC, a turn was added making the game last six turns. The German victory conditions were also altered to focus on defending towns. This made the situation play much more aggressively at the end of the game, where Russian casualties were not as much of a factor. Preliminary playings of this altered scenario had revealed more balanced results.

Greg set up his German defense in the usual configuration with an artillery force in Opustoschenia and companies of infantry, mortars and AT guns in the woods to the West and SW of Zabrenia. Bert then rushed his Russian armored force at the first town and ended up wiping out the artillery batteries by Turn 3. At this point the Russians had sustained six casualties to the German's eight. Bert had to destroy three more German units while losing no more than one of his own. Otherwise Bert would have to throw his entire force at the German defenders to eliminate 11 more Germans. As the Russian tanks closed with the fixed German positions, German AT gunners missed some important shots that could have made it difficult going for the Russians. With those guns out of action, the Russian tanks were able to occupy the second town and secure victory. Bert was awarded this year's diorama along with his third title.

GM Rich Northey supports the event with a special diorama prize.

The finalists now each have three titles.

 GM      Rick Northey [3rd Year]  NA   NA

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