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Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report     

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Andrew Emerick, CT

2013 Champion


Event History
2003    Josh Githens     140
2004    Lucimara Martins     145
2005     Legend Dan Hoffman     132
2006    Dan Hoffman     145 
2007     Thomas Browne     195
2008     Josh Lanham     212
2009     Bernard Beckerman     183
2010    Richard M. Shay     216
2011    Kevin Wojtaszczyk     213
2012    Patrick Shea     220
2013    Andrew Emerick     265


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Josh Githens       SC    13     72
  2.  Andrew Emerick     CT    13     58
  3.  Patrick Shea       VA    12     42
  4.  Daniel Hoffman     NC    06     36
  5.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    11     30
  6.  Richard M. Shay    MA    10     30
  7.  Bernard Beckerman  NY    09     30
  8.  Kathy Kilroy       PA    09     30
  9.  Josh Lanham        MD    08     30
 10.  Thomas Browne      PA    07     30
 11.  Legend Dan Hoffman MD    05     30
 12.  Lucimara Martins   bz    04     30
 13.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    12     21
 14.  Alyssa Gumkowski   PA    12     18
 15.  Nick Henning       CT    10     18
 16.  Peter Staab        PA    09     18
 17.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    08     18
 18.  Matt Calkins       VA    07     18
 19.  Doug Galullo       FL    05     18
 20.  Richard Curtin     NY    04     18
 21.  Fabio Tola         MD    03     18
 22.  Kolbe DiGiulio     PA    13     16
 23.  Greg Thatcher      FL    10     15
 24.  Carl Krosnick      PA    13     12
 25.  Dale Long          NJ    10     12
 26.  Haim Hochboim      is    08     12
 27.  Vasili Kyrkos      NY    07     12
 28.  John Kilbride      PA    05     12
 29.  Craig Reece        FL    04     12
 30.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    03     12
 31.  Carolyn Strock     PA    12      9
 32.  Tim Packwood       DE    11      9
 33.  Chuck Foster       ID    10      9
 34.  Adam Nolan         VA    09      9
 35.  Jeff Meyer         MA    08      9
 36.  Danielle Zack      MD    07      9
 37.  Robert Drozd       IL    04      9
 38.  Bill Place         PA    03      9
 39.  Jared Spear        VA    13      8
 40.  Blair Morgen       NJ    12      6
 41.  Jeff Plummer       NC    11      6
 42.  Chester Lanham     MD    08      6
 43.  Bruce Reiff        MD    07      6
 44.  Erik Arneson       PA    06      6
 45.  Larry Lingle       PA    05      6
 46.  Abigail Cocke      MD    03      6
 47.  Seth Bell          CT    13      4
 48.  Jeff Hing          PA    12      3
 49.  Glen Pearce        on    11      3
 50.  Rod Bacigalupo     MD    10      3
 51.  Stephanie Kilroy   PA    09      3
 52.  Harry Flawd        PA    08      3
 53.  Patrick Havert     CA    07      3
 54.  Devin Flawd        PA    06      3
 55.  Ashley Collinson   MD    05      3
 56.  Jeff Mullet        OH    04      3
 57.  Peter Stein        OH    03      3

2013 Laurelists                                                   Repeating Laurelists: 0

Josh Githens, SC

Kolbe DiGiulio, PA

Carl Krosnick, PA

Jared Spear, VA

Seth Bell, CT

Past Winners

Josh Githens, SC

Lucimara Martins, Brazil

L. Dan Hoffman, MD

Dan Hoffman, NC

Thomas Browne, PA

Josh Lanham, MD

Bernard Beckerman, NY

Richard M. Shay, MA

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Patrick Shea, VA

Richard Borg, designer of this one too, mugs with GM Levine.

Another Werewolf Prom in the offing after the dice quit falling.

The Melton twins surround Anna Rinko ... these sweet young things couldn't lie could they?

Ken Samuel and Richard Shay flank a forlorn little waif down to her last die.

Little White Fibs!

Liar's Dice continued to grow in it's 11th year and has taken the crown of largest WBC event. 265 crazed liars came to the event in hopes of becoming the ultimate prevaricator champion. Those 265 people also set the mark for the highest attendance of any event in the history of WBC. Your happy GM is very proud to have such support for this late night tradition. Keeping those numbers strong with a late Friday finale has been important to this GM. Due to its burgeoning attendance Liar's Dice finally became a four-plaque event in 2013 and can look forward to more of the same next year.

The festivities started off with the traditional thunderclap generated by a mass cup shake and smash to the tables 265-strong. 39 of those survived to advance to the semifinal round. In what has become another all too common tradition, your GM was again eliminated early and spent another year on the sidelines watching others advance.

The Final gauntlet awaited Jared Spear, Seth Bell, Andrew Emerick, Josh Githens, Carl Krosnick and Kolbe DiGiulio. This marked inaugural 2003 champion Josh's fourth appearance in the Final, which is far and away the most of any player in the history of the event. It also marked Andrew's second appearance. Both of them met in the 2011 Final in 2011 where Andrew took second and Josh third behind Kevin Wojtaszczyk. Would this be the year that we had our first repeat champion? Some Scorpion dice owned by Josh hit the table and the mood was festive. Then Jared started the bidding and the faces stiffened.

The opening bid went to seven stars by Carl and Kolbe drew the first blood of the night by revealing only six. Then Josh bid 20-5's and Carl returned the favor by revealing 19, initiating Josh to the casualty list.

The next challenged bid was 11-3's by Carl. This time when Kolbe called there were exactly 11 causing everyone but Carl to lose a die. The first exactor of the Final left everyone with four or less dice and moved everyone a big step closer to bedtime. Seth's bid of nine 1's was the next challenge, won by Andrew with only eight revealed so Seth lost a die. Carl lost the next die on a bid of five stars thanks to Kolbe's call of four. Jared's pain was twice as great when his bid of eight 5's was revealed to be two short. Jared was the first player to be reduced to his last die die when he called Kolbe's bid of six stars only to reveal seven. Bid or challenge, Jared had been bit by both in back-to-back rounds. He could hear the choir warming up in the background.

There was blood in the water and when Jared bid five stars, Seth in at attempt to oust him called only to reveal six, costing Seth a die. Golden boy Josh was still looking good. His bid of three stars drew an unfortunate challenge from Carl which cost the latter a die for not upping the ante. Jared again faced elimination when his bid of five stars was challenged by Seth only to cause the latter to lose a die and join Jared on Death row. Now the sharks were coming in for the kill. Jared's bid of eight 4's drew another Seth call. Whoever lost this challenge would be out. To Seth's dismay there were ten 4's so he contemplated his new 6th place laurels as the inevitable "Kiss 'em Goodby" serenade ushered him from the table. Jared didn't have long to rejoice, as he joined Seth in the cheap seats in the next round as Kolbe's bid of four stars drew the game's second exactor, costing everyone else a die, eliminating Jared and moving Carl to Death Row.

At this point Kolbe was favored with four dice, Andrew had three, Josh two and Carl one. Carl's bid of seven 3's drew a Kolbe challenge that cost a die and left him in a tie with Andrew at three dice each, and granting Carl a reprieve - however brief. The next round created a bit of LID history as Josh's bid of thee stars drew the game's third exactor. Carl thereby became the first ever winner of a LID 4th place plaque. Methinks he'd rather have kept playing instead. No sense of history. More importantly, the exactor left the three survivors deadlocked with two dice apiece.

The logjam was broken when Kolbe bid four 3's and Andrew revealed only three - making Kolbe the latest occupant of Death Row. His wait was short. His bid of three 5's was again successfully challenged by Andrew and he was rewarded with the feel of third place wood, leaving the two former laurelists to battle for the title with two dice each.

Andrew struck first! His bid of three 4's drew a Josh challenge that revealed four 4s and Josh was moved into solitary. Could he fight off the killing blow and draw even? Andrew started his hunt with a bid of one 2. Josh upped it to one 5. Andrew raised it to two 5's, even though he had a star and a 3 under his cup. Although Josh had a 5 under his cup he felt forced to call. With two 5's showing, Andrew became the 11th LID champion in as many years.

 Jay's Basement has relocated apparently.

 Sophie, I thought your nose grew when you told a fib.

 Devin Dauslin thinks this is more her speed in her first WBC.

 A Duke grad and a Cabbie ... resume complete ... can't be trusted.
 GM      Jason Levine  [11th Year]   NA
   NA    NA 

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