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 2013 WBC Report  

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Doug Galullo, MD

2013 Champion

Event History
1992    Debbie Otto      28
1993    John Kilbride      24
1994    Kevin LeRow        8
1995    John Pack      22
1996    Jason Wagner      16
1997    Jason Wagner      49
1998    Stephanie Mayes      40
1999    Pitt Crandlemire     51
2000    Pitt Crandlemire     63
2001    Mark Love     49
2002    John Pack     72
2003    Pitt Crandlemire     68
2004    Nick Henning     76
2005    Nick Henning     69
2006     Thomas Richardson     69
2007     Jeffrey Hacker     72
2008    Bob Hamel     71
2009     John Elliott     64
2010     Nick Smith     88
2011    Nick Henning     63
2012    Ben Gardner     64
2013    Doug Galullo     59

PBeM Event History
1999    Michael Anchors      25
2001    John Pack      16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Nick Henning       CT    12    206
  2.  John Pack          CO    13    138
  3.  Pitt Crandlemire   MA    03    132
  4.  Nick Smith         uk    10    130
  5.  Andy Gardner       VA    12     77
  6.  Bob Hamel          CT    11     75
  7.  Ben Gardner        VA    13     72
  8.  Doug Galullo       MD    13     64
  9.  Thomas Richardson  VA    09     64
 10.  Jim Castonguay     PA    05     54
 11.  Mark Love          MD    01     53
 12.  John Elliott       MD    09     52
 13.  Robert Buccheri    MD    13     48
 14.  Jeffrey Hacker     PA    07     40
 15.  Victor Hogen       CA    07     34
 16.  Kevin Brownell     FL    04     25
 17.  Alex Price         NJ    03     24
 18.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    02     24
 19.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    02     21
 20.  Roger Taylor       VA    00     18
 21.  Stephanie Mayes    IN    99     18
 22.  Brooks Beyma       MD    10     16
 23.  Pat Richardson     VA    07     16
 24.  Michael Wojke      NJ    03     16
 25.  Paul Bolduc        FL    01     15
 26.  Rolinda Collinson  MD    12     12
 27.  Phil Entwistle     MD    11     12
 28.  Ruth Evinger       PA    09     12
 29.  Steve Cameron      PA    06     12
 30.  Rob Kilroy         PA    99     12
 31.  Michael Anchors    MD    01     11
 32.  Al Wong            IL    00     11
 33.  Andy Joy           MD    05      9
 34.  Jim Rochford       IL    99      9
 35.  Alyssa Gumkowski   PA    13      8
 36.  Blair Morgen       NJ    12      8
 37.  Anthony Musella    VA    09      8
 38.  Ashley Collinson   MD    06      8
 39.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    05      8
 40.  Peter Martin       MD    03      8
 41.  Derek Landel       NJ    10      4
 42.  John Kilbride      PA    07      4
 43.  Jeff Ribeiro       NH    02      4
 44.  Sharee Pack        CO    01      3
 45.  Gary Presser       NY    00      3
 46.  Dan Schulman       MD    99      3

2013 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists: 

John Pack, CO

Jonathan Barnes, CA

Robert Buccheri, MD

Alyssa Gumkowski, PA

Ben Gardner, VA

Past Winners

Debbie Otto, MO

John Kilbride, PA

Kevin Lerow, PA

John Pack, CO
1995, 2002

Jason Wagner, NJ

Stephanie Mayes, IN

Pitt Crandelmire, MA
1999, 2000, 2003

Mark Love, MD

Nick Henning, CT
2004-2005, 2011

Thomas Richardson, VA

Jeffrey Hacker, PA

Bob Hamel, CT

John Elliott, MD

Nick Smith, uk

Ben Gardner, VA

Jonathan Barnes is on the clock as Anthony Daw observes.

Dacey Collinson, Jim Savarik and Alex Metzger on the east side.

No GM is in style without unique Table markers.

Being prepared is a John Pack GM trademark.

Always Dangerous Doug ...

Here, in move order, are the four finalists, their starting positions, and their status at the end of the game:

Jonathan "The Zealot" Barnes:
Start: 5/1/2; $300; Brizelli's Riverside [Racketeer], Taylor's Machine Shop [Thug], Huck's Marine [Vamp]
Finish: 8/1/3, 8 Hits, 1 Seduction; $3,200, 8 joints (3 of 8 Yellow) - 3rd Place

John "The Viper" Pack:
Start: 5/1/1; $400; Palace Chophouse [Vamp], Brzkowski's Imports [Racketeer/Thug], Ambassadors' Club
Finish: 3/1/1, 3 Hits, 4 Seductions; $8,600; 2 joints (2 of 6 Blue) - 2nd Place

Rob "Bobby Tweaks" Buccheri:
Start: 4/1/5; $100; Jack's Auto Body [Thug], Joe's Lanes [Racketeer], Martha's Commissary [Vamp]
Finish: 4/1/0, 8 Hits, 4 Seductions; $1,000; 7 joints (5 of 9 Brown) - 4th Place

"Dangerous" Doug Galullo:
Start: 5/1/1; $700; Wylie's Storage [Thug], Franklin Hostel [Vamp], Greenwood Park [Racketeer]
Finish: 2/1/1, 5 Hits, 2 Seductions; $10,100, 3 joints (3 of 8 Yellow) - Wins!

As usual, I tried to just note the unusual aspects of each turn and only recorded unusually high cash collections (so that I would have no advantage). Hopefully, with these notes, my memory, and the player chits, I can accurately reconstruct the Final. Let's take a look at the setups before going into the turn by turn report.

Setup: The Zealot starts out looking like he'll go for the Bus Station cash strategy. And this is what I expected when no one else bought the Bus Station defensively. Instead, he picks up one more green and an out-of-the-way yellow joint (the latter to counter Dangerous Doug's opening). So it appears Brizelli's was purchased as a pro-active Bus Station defense and to give his Racketeer a lot of options for a second turn purchase with the added benefit of an occasional cash infusion. Ten joints appears to be his plan with cash as a backup.

The Viper buys the Palace Chophouse first in order to see what the other players are up to before committing to any particular setup. It's also a near ideal starting spot for a Vamp with the highest mobility rating of any space and the safety of a friendly joint. Then, seeing no one else interested in the Blue One-Jump strategy, the Viper buys both blue one-jump joints. He'll be looking to win by cash with a Blue Monopoly as a backup plan.

Bobby Tweaks goes cheap and mobile with Brown joints around the map. He'll clearly be going for ten, cheap joints. This allows him to start with an unusual and powerful starting gang with five Thugs! He'll need to vamp another Racketeer in the early going to avoid a one-move-per-turn catastrophe. But this kind of firepower will allow him to hammer other gangs and their joints while he collects ten joints.

Dangerous Doug goes with the Yellow One-Jump strategy but buys an out-of-the-way joint as his first - leaving the easy-to-get-to middle yellow joints open for early purchases. Cash is his likely strategy, but the unheard-of Yellow Monopoly might be a backup plan. This is confirmed when he retains $700 of his starting cash instead of buying a sixth Racketeer or two additional Thugs. Perhaps this should be called a Yellow Sneak-Up-the-Cash Strategy.

Turn 1: The Zealot upgrade Brizelli's Riverside and vamps the Viper who, in turn, vamps Bobby Tweaks. The Viper moves Public x3 into the Palace Chophouse and upgrades Brzkowski's Imports. Tweaks brings on T.J. Hooker (Cop #7) at Subway #3 and sends him straight toward the Chophouse. Dangerous Doug removes Zealot's Thug with two hits from the Boys in Blue while jumping Public x1 from the cup into Greenwood Park.

Turn 2: The Zealot vamps Bobby Tweaks and hits the Viper's Chophouse. He collects $100 by agreeing to leave the public in Greenwood Park. The Viper moves the Public from the Park into the Ambassadors' Club. Tweaks vamps Dangerous Doug. Dangerous moves Robocop (Cop #10) past Greenwood Park while moving the Public x3 there. The Public x1 leaves the Ambassadors' Club after paying the Viper twice.

Turn 3: The Viper sends Rosco P. Coltrane (Cop #3) to kill Dangerous' Vamp. Later, the Viper's Vamp is also killed by Rosco P-Co.

Turn 4: The Zealot collects two small payments from the Public. The Viper chokes down a $1,200 payment to recruit a new lady. Bobby Tweaks recruits back to four Racketeers. Dangerous Doug gets his Vamp working at Mary's Merchandise (the lowest mobility joint on the board) - making her ultra-safe from roving coppers.

Turn 5: The Zealot acquires his sixth joint and vamps the Viper's Thug off of the board. The Viper recruits a Thug for $300 and gets his Vamp out extorting. Dangerous Doug collects $1,200 - the game's first big payoff.

Turn 6: The Zealot buys his seventh joint. That prompts a discussion later in the turn as to who should be responsible for shooting up the Zealot's joints. We all finger someone else. Robocop helps by killing the Zealot's Vamp. Dangerous takes up the baton and kills the Zealot's Taylor's Machine Shop.

Turn 7: Joints are dangerous? Not enough to keep the Zealot from buying a seventh... again. Instead, he collects $1,800 at Brizelli's Riverside. Public x3 then moves to Brzkowski's Imports such that the Viper collects $2,500 while vamping the Zealot. Bobby Tweaks hits the Zealot's Racketeer for one loss while taking one in return.

Turn 8: The Zealot adds SMC Cartage Co. to his portfolio - his eighth real estate acquisition. He also uses Kojak (Cop #6) to kill the Viper's Thug. Bobby Tweaks takes up the torch and kills the SMC Cartage Co. Dangerous Doug begins battle over the Palace Chophouse.

Turn 9: The Viper collects another $2,400 from Public x3 in a level 3 Ambassadors' Club and recruits two Thugs. The Chophouse inflicts another hit on Doug's Racketeer. In Bobby Tweaks turn, the Chophouse kills Dangerous' Racketeer. Dangerous Doug luckily rolls a 1 on the green die and recruits two Racketeers for a mere $300. This should have tipped off the rest of us that he was closing in on a cash win.

Turn 10: The Zealot buys his eighth joint again. Bobby Tweaks takes down Jaeger's Clothier with no losses in the effort.

Turn 11: The Zealot buys his eighth joint one more time and brings Robocop to bear on Tweak's Thug for two hits and also vamps Tweak's Racketeer. The Viper puts a Public in the Zealot's Palace Chophouse and swings Barney Fife (Cop #2) toward that target. The cold room reminds us of the morgue where Bobby Tweak's Thugs now reside. Bobby Tweaks brings Barney into raid and eliminate the Chophouse. Dangerous recruits one Thug.

Turn 12: The Zealot buys his eighth joint yet again. He vamps the Viper's Thug off-the-map and uses John McClane (Cop #8) to kill Bobby Tweak's remaining Thugs. The huge starting Thug is dead. The Viper recruits one Racketeer for $800 to get back up to four. His expensive recruiting has kept his cash total down despite his two earlier, huge payoffs. Bobby Tweaks recruits three Thugs for $600. Public x1 jumps from the cup to Franklin Hostel to pay Dangerous $400.

Turn 13: The Zealot, unable to buy a ninth joint, vamps Tweaks. The Viper's dice are all low again. Dangerous is excited by all the 6s he rolls, but claims he's not "it" (up for hitting the Zealot). He does collect $1,200 extortion, however.

Turn 14: The Zealot vamps the Viper's Thug off the map... again. He recruits one Racketeer so that he's got eight. The Public moves to Brizelli's. That Public heads to the upgraded Brzkowski's to pay the Viper $800. The boyz-in-blue kill Tweak's three new Thugs. Dangerous collects just enough to win with $10,100.

This was a long game. Most games run 6-16 turns, with the median at 10-11. That's because the initial payouts were so small, the Cops were so effective, and the high 35 casualty count. I have seen one game end earlier than Turn 6 (a 4-turn win in the game that gave Moneybags his name) and one go longer than 16 (a PBeM game that ended after 18 turns). Longer games work for joint collectors (The Zealot) and sneak-up-the-cash players (Dangerous Doug).

In this case, the Zealot attracted all of the counter-measures very early and consistently. He wasn't able to purchase joints on his last two turns or he'd have had nine joints at least and threatened to win. His Racketeer ended up in a heavily purchased area of town at the end which made his low rolls at the end decisive.

Bobby Tweaks made it quietly to seven joints, but he was the bulwark keeping the Zealot from winning with his eight over-all Thugs. His game-high 12 losses while the other players relied on him to stop the Zealot put him in a hard-to-recover position.

The Viper threatened a cash win, finishing at $8,600. But, during the course of the game, he recruited his Thug three times and a very expensive Vamp for at least $2,400 altogether.

Dangerous Doug ended up as Godfather by saving cash at the beginning, not drawing attention to himself, slowly collecting cash over the whole game (with his Vamp ultra-safe), and making only small, necessary purchases. His fateful, failed attack on the Chophouse permanently steered all attention away from him and directly onto the successfully defending Zealot. His gang at the end (2/1/1) was just enough to win - but not enough to be called upon to stop the Zealot. Congratulations to Dangerous Doug!

Craig Reece isn't buying that Mr. Happy routine from Tom McCorry.

GM John Pack meets with fellow gang heads in the Final.
 GM      John Pack  [16th Year]  11213 Keota Drive, Parker, CO 80134   (303) 351-3098

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