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2013 WBC Report     

  2014 Status: pending December, 2013 Membership Trial Vote

Dave Meyaard, NY

2013 Champion

Event History
2001    Jeff Paull     27
2002    Bob Runnicles     46
2003    Dan Dolan Sr     42
2004    Dan Dolan Sr     48
2005     Bob Runnicles     47
2006    Bob Runnicles     50
2007     Dave Meyaard     53
2008     Dave Meyaard     64
2009    Brandon Bernard     64
2010    Dave Meyaard     65
2011    Dan Dolan Sr     67
2012    Brandon Bernard     76
2013    Dave Meyaard     58


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Dave Meyaard       CT    13    106
  2.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    12     82
  3.  Bob Runnicles      FL    06     62
  4.  Brandon Bernard    PA    13     50
  5.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    11     42
  6.  Jeff Paull         OH    06     42
  7.  James Carvin       PA    13     38
  8.  Jon Gemmell        CT    13     28
  9.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    12     25
 10.  Josh Githens       SC    11     24
 11.  Bill Edwards       VA    06     16
 12.  Andres Dunn        MD    10     14
 13.  Alexandra Henning  CT    13     12
 14.  Seth Kirchner      KY    07      8
 15.  Roger Taylor       VA    03      8
 16.  Jonathan Barnes    CA    13      6
 17.  Andrew Maly        MD    09      6
 18.  Vince Frattali     WA    01      6
 19.  Scott A. Smith     PA    11      4
 20.  Alex Bell          MD    10      4
 21.  Rich Irving        CA    07      4
 22.  Lance Fogel        PA    05      4
 23.  Alex Bove          PA    04      4
 24.  Steve Cameron      PA    03      4
 25.  Lynn Ribeiro       NH    01      4
 26.  Roy Gibson         MD    02      3
 27.  Kevin Youells      FL    02      3
 28.  Alexander Metzger  NY    11      2
 29.  Greg Zegalia       PA    10      2
 30.  Bruce Monnin       OH    08      2
 31.  Sam Brosius        MA    07      2
 32.  Phil White         MD    05      2
 33.  John Tighe         NC    04      2
 34.  Robert Eastman     NV    03      2
 35.  Nicholas Kramer    PA    02      1

2013 Laurelists                                       Repeating Laurelists: 

James Carvin, PA

Jon Gemmell, MD

Jonathan Barnes, CA

Brandon Bernard, PA

Alexandra Henning, PA

Past Winners

Jeff Paul, OH

Bob Runnicles, FL
2002, 2005-06

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ
2003-04, 2011

Dave Meyaard, CT
2007-08, 2010, 2013

Brandon Bernard, PA
2009, 2012

Paul Weintraub and James Carvin trade bullwinkle jokes.

Clair Brosius wants to know where the trains are.

That's what happens when you get old. All the young ones want a piece of you. Or so Robb Effinger claims as he fights off RJ Gleaton.

So, Rebecca ... is it that exciting or is there just a chair shortage? And Host was so careful with those tablecloths too.

Grand Strategy Worthy of a Legacy

One Last Hurrah from Dan's World ...

When the end came, one player stood above the rest. Alas ... Dave Meyaard had captured his fourth title. He is now the greatest Elchfest player of all time ... so recognized by the previous greatest Elchfest player of all time. His four titles since 2007 rank him as the best ever ... or is that the rankest? With elk, it's hard to tell. He bested a field containing two other multiple-year champs.

Attendance was down this year after seven straight years of gains. It's obviously Don's fault. I have no reason for this but he gets blamed for everything else so he can take this hit too. But at least the event was back in the familiar and comfy Paradise Room and the players were ready to go as the flicking started.

Things went pretty much according to script in the early rounds. The veterans advanced quickly and efficiently although several surprising newcomers charged into the Elite 8 round. One of these new faces was young Jonathan Barnes who, in the round of 16, knocked out grizzled veteran Dan Dolan Sr - moi - ending any chance of the anticipated match between the two three-time champs in the field.

The quarterfinals were largely a matter of youth vs experience with the veterans for the most part being unwilling to cede the high ground for another year. 7th ranked Jim Carvin topped talented youngster Adina Weiss whose run ended in the Elite Eight. Next year, kid. 10th ranked Jon Gemmel put an end to another youngster's dreams by ending Alexander Metzger's day as experience continued to hold the edge over youth in the flicking wars. 13th ranked Alexandra Henning takes a back seat only to 5th ranked Rebecca Hebner where lady elk are concerned but she had the misfortune of drawing Dave Meyaard on his way to four titles. Youth wasn't about to be shutout entirely though as defending champ Brandon Bernard discovered to his sorrow when Jonathan Barnes took his measure in the last quarterfinal of the day.

Carvin reached his first Final with a tough 3-game semifinal victory over Jon Gemmel when the latter faltered in the third trip across the river. The magic also ended for Jonathan Barnes when the pressure of his first venture into the late rounds rose up in the form of Dave Meyaard.

This set the stage for the main event with only perennial contender Jim Carvin standing in the way of Meyaard's unquestioned dominance. Alas, Jim will have to wait another year to win it all because Dave Meyaard has taken the lead from one of WBC's unquestioned finest gentleman. Sadly, this will be Dan Dolan's last time as the Elchfest GM. Health issues have made it too difficult for him to run as he would like. He would like to thank Alex Bell and Josh Githens for helping to make the event run as smooth as it has become. Josh and Alex have expressed a desire to continue the event and he's sure they will continue to make it the most enjoyable three hours of WBC.

Dan wishes to thank all the players who over the years have made Elchfest the highlight of his WBC experience. GMs are far too often taken for granted and they unfortunately are missed only when they are gone. Whether rabble rousing on Con Sim World with his down to Earth style meting out hypothetical justice with his ballpeen hammer or showing his kinder, gentler side in the Junior's room with his "rugrats", Dan Dolan is one of WBC's best characters and will truly be missed in the GM ranks.

On my video game they move by themselves.

Those little ones are for pansies.

 Elchfest Junior

It was a good year for Elk. A veritable flood of 34 Elk calves tried to cross the river under the harried watch of GM Scott Sunderlin (pictured at right with the winning moose). The six fastest were:

1st: Mandy Mossman

2nd: Lucas Holmquist who improved from 5th last year and 6th in 2011

3rd: Aidan Powers (after being robbed by Pete Stein in Battle Cry)

4th: Linsey Sacceni

5th: Madigan Landel

6th: Ella Landel

 GM      Dan Dolan Sr  [6th Year]   NA
   phlegm11@yahoo.com   NA

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