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Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report     

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Ty Hansen, DC

2013 Champion


Event History
1999    Kevin Keller     43
2000    Tim Rothenhoefer     43
2001    Patrick Mirk     41
2002    Phil Rennert     50
2003    Philip Shea     34
2004     Philip Shea     31
2005    Charles Michalek     19
2006    Joe Powell     28
2007     Ty Hansen     22
2008     Kevin Keller     17 
2009    Andrew Murphy     25
2010     Richard Beyma     33
2011     Ty Hansen     32
2012    Joe Powell     22
2013    Ty Hansen     32


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Joe Powell         VA    12    210
  2.  Philip Shea        VA    09    192
  3.  Kevin Keller       MD    12    191
  4.  Ty Hansen          DC    13    184
  5.  Pat Mirk           FL    10    129
  6.  Phil Rennert       MD    04     96
  7.  Richard Beyma      MD    11     95
  8.  Andrew Murphy      PA    11     94
  9.  Tim Rothenhoefer   MD    07     68
 10.  Brian Fitzpatrick  VA    03     54
 11.  Charles Michalek   NV    05     40
 12.  Jeff King          ME    02     36
 13.  Alfred Wong        IL    01     30
 14.  Joe Gioia          NY    13     24
 15.  Jeff Mathis        FL    11     24
 16.  Greg Berry         VA    04     24
 17.  Don Tatum          MD    02     24
 18.  Phil Rollins       ME    00     24
 19.  Matt Tolman        UT    08     22
 20.  Joe Collinson      MD    12     21
 21.  Al Hurda           on    12     18
 22.  John Sharp III     FL    00     18
 23.  Mike Terrana       GA    99     18
 24.  Sam Packwood       MN    13     16
 25.  Brad Turney        NY    09     16
 26.  Ted Lange          ae    10     15
 27.  Steve Packwood     MN    13     13
 28.  Michael Gioia      NY    13     12
 29.  James D. Long      PA    06     12
 30.  Eric Lind          CA    03     12
 31.  Barry Shoults      MI    99     12
 32.  Michael Reiner     PA    10     10
 33.  Al Hurda           on    13      8
 34.  Doug Bailor        DE    09      8
 35.  James H. Long      PA    05      8
 36.  Jeff Cornett       FL    12      6
 37.  David Rynkowski    NY    04      6
 38.  Russell Vane       VA    03      6
 39.  David Huss         NY    01      6
 40.  John Koski         MD    00      6
 41.  Rich Curtin        NY    99      6
 42.  Dan Pasaric        NY    08      3
 43.  Kevin McCarthy     OH    99      3

2013 Laurelists                                              Repeating Laurelists: 

Joe Gioia, NY

Sam Packwood, MN

Michael Gioia, NY

Al Hurda, on

Steve Packwood, MN

Past Winners

Kevin Keller, MD
1999, 2008

Tim Rothenhoefer, MD

Patrick Mirk, FL

Phil Rennert, MD

Philip Shea, VA

Charles Michaleks, NV

Joe Powell, VA
2006, 2012

Ty Hansen, DC
2007, 2011, 2013

Andrew Murphy, PA

Richard Beyma, VA

Ray Ganthner and Rejean Tremblay in the opening rounds.

Attendance for the A&A Pre-Con rebounded nicely in 2013.

Fresh blood can't stop the newest Boardmaster ...

The tournament saw the return of former champs as well as an influx of new players who acquitted themselves well with only two of 2012's laurelists managing to add to their totals. Ty Hansen, a two-time former champ, won his third title, defeating returning 2009 champ Andrew Murphy in the third round, Michael Gioia in the semis and Joe Gioia in the Final. Ty was the only player able to defeat either of the newcomer father/son Gioia tandem.

The Gioia family brought three top notch players pursuing a strategy of America across the Atlantic and other containment of the Axis. Mike defeated defending champ Joe Powell in the second round en route to his semifinal with Ty. Chris Gioia partnered with Joe playing against Mike Horn in the third round, and taught the GM a few things about playing the Allies.

With 32 players A&A enjoyed both an increase and an ideal turnout. Two-time champ Kevin Keller lost in the third round to Sam Packwood, who advanced to the semifinals. 2001 champ Patrick Mirk played two rounds before bowing out but brought several experienced players with him. 2010 champ Richard Beyma lost a 12-12 tie to Joe Gioia based on income increase in the first round. 2012 runner-up Al Hurda made another good run this year, losing to Joe Gioia in the third round with a 12-12 tie decided on income increase. Another family tandem scored well with Steve Packwood claiming sixth place and son Sam taking third place after losing a 12-12 tie to Joe Gioia in the semifinals on an income tie-breaker.

Craig Yope, GM from 2005 through 2010, returned as a player. Only his defeat in the third round to Mike Gioia kept him out of the semifinals. Craig devised the 24 victory territory system we use, the adoption of the version 2 Larry Harris tournament rules, and the use of the 2003 revised edition. Your current GM adopted the system and event description because it makes for such a good tournament. All players are reminded that the written rules for the event are the Larry Harris tournament rules (version 2), and the posted event description. Thus far, no errata has been required.

In the semifinals Ty Hansen's Axis defeated Mike Gioia as his attacks on Russia were outpacing Germany's fall to the Allies. A British attack on Germany failed, and Russian counterattacks at Kazachstan and Novosibirsk led to heavy Russian losses without retaking the territories. In the other semifinal, the allies of Mike's dad defeated Sam Packwood in a 12-12 tie.

In the Final, Ty accepted a bid of 5 for the Allies and concentrated American strength in the Pacific. The British counterattacked to retake Egypt on Turn 1, while also taking Norway. Germany built infantry on Turn 1. Russia and Germany battled on the Eastern front, while the British aided the Russians with attacks from Norway and into France. The Japanese hit Pearl Harbor and built a factory on the Asian mainland. The Russians counterattacked the Japanese in Sinkiang. On Turn 4 the British attacked France while the US Pacific fleet took New Guinea. Joe conceded to Ty on the fifth turn.

Play balance has never been stronger with the 38 games divided evenly between Axis and Allied wins. The average bid to play as the Axis was 5 IPC to the Allied player.

The GM extends his thanks to Assistant GMs Kevin Keller and Ty Hansen.

Michael Gioia anf former GM Craig Yope

The finalists pose as AGM Kevin Keller observes.
 GM      Joe Powell  [3rd Year]   NA   NA

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