wooden ships & iron men

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 Heritage; moves to Conestoga 1 @ Terrace 2

Ron Glass, FL

2013-14 Champion

2nd: Jeff Miller, PA

3rd: Brian Stuck, PA

4th: Rob McKinney, VA

5th: Nicholas Chepaitis, PA

6th: Malcolm Smith, VA
Event History
1991    Jim Truit      23
1992    John Boisvert      29
1993    John Boisvert      36
1994    William Rohrbeck      28
1995    Larry York      21
1996    David Cross      16
1997    David Metzger      20
1998    Michael Brannaman      20
1999    Paul Risner       8
2000    David Cross     16
2001    Curtis Dieterich     26
2002    William Rohrbeck     23
2003    William Rohrbeck     27
2004     Arthur Davis     22
2005     William Rohrbeck     19
2006     William Rohrbeck     21
2007     William Rohrbeck     14
2008     Evan Hitchings     16
2009     Derek Whipple     19
2010    Tim Hitchings     25
2011    George Deutsch     20
2012    Dale Long     22
2013    Ron Glass     27
2014    Ron Glass     37

Tim Hitchings, DE
2015 GM



WSIM as part of Grognardcon

Grognardcon is a special Pre-con consisting of an amalgam of the old classic hex-style wargames under the watchful eye of GM Bruno Sinigaglio: Afrika Korps, Bitter Woods, Gettysburg, Panzerblitz, Squad Leader, the Russian Campaign, Waterloo, and Wooden Ships & Iron Men. All use the Free Format scheduling device which allows players to schedule preliminary games at their convenience. Play as many or as few preliminary games as you like but only your best three results in each game will determine the four finalists to advance to Single Elimination play at the end of the week. Each event will be turned over to its own GM on Monday for resolution in the normal manner - the only difference is that participation in Grognardcon gives you additional days to qualify with prelim games in the events of your choice. Grognardcon is free to Tribune level members and subject to an additional fee for all others.


Beginners and veterans are welcome to play this classic battle game of the age of sail. Command one or more frigates or ships of the line. Set sail at any time during the week at the kiosk. Visit the demo on Wednesday. Game Master Tim Hitchings (GM) and his assistants will be happy to show you the ropes (and guns and cutlasses, etc.). Play as many or as few games as you like during the Swiss preliminaries. Don't forget the multi-player Fleet Action on Saturday, open to all comers, even those who haven't been playing in the tournament!*

1. WBC FREE FORM FORMAT: This Tournament uses a Swiss format for the preliminary rounds. The best four players advance to a Single Elimination semifinal and Final segment.

2. SCHEDULE: The schedule consists of three segments, listed below:

a. PRE-CONVENTION SWISS: Play begins on Saturday, Aug 1, at 10:00 a.m. and Sunday, Aug 2, at 9:00 a.m.. The PRE-CON Swiss Segment continues through Monday, when the CONVENTION SWISS Segment begins. (Essentially, the PRE-CON Swiss Segment continues unabated into WBC.)

b. CONVENTION SWISS segment runs daily, Monday through Saturday, August 8th, from 9:00 a.m., with gaming available all day, ending on Saturday at 4:00 p.m..

c. SINGLE ELIMINATION Playoffs: Each player's best three games during the PRE-CON Swiss and/or the CON Swiss will be used to determine the four top players. The Semifinals start at 6:00 P.M., on Saturday, August 8.

3. CHANGES FOR THIS YEAR: A 2015 update of the Tournament Rules used at WBC since 2000 are available by email from the GM and by free ard copy at the convention. Note: There is also a judging change. See below, under Victory Conditions.

4. SWISS PROCEDURE: (Pre-Con and Con): Players may enter as many or as few games as desired. Sign in with the GM or his assistant. Choose a scenario. The GM or Asst. GM will provide scenarios with prepared logs, match sheets, and miniatures for each game.

Opponents must inform the GM or Asst. GM when they will play their game. If players cannot agree on a start time, they will be required to begin the game within one hour.

If an opponent does not appear at the start time listed on the match sheet, the waiting player must alert the GM within 15 minutes that a forfeit is imminent (The GM's cell # is 302 593 4404). If the opponent fails to appear at 20 minutes past the start time, the game is forfeited to the waiting player. There is no deviation from this procedure. Therefore, if a waiting player alerts the GM beyond the specified 15-minute alert period, there will be no forfeit and the game will be canceled.

5. RESULTS: Match sheets for completed games should be delivered to the GM or Asst. GM as soon as possible. Games played on the last Saturday of the convention must be reported by 4:00 p.m.

6. JUDGMENT: The GM or Asst. GM (especially if the GM is a player) may adjudicate any game at the end of the time limit. If one player is moving at a significantly slower pace than the other, this will be taken into account in the adjudication.

a. All game results and player ratings will be posted and updated after results are reported.
b. Performance ratings will be based upon the best three games played by a player.
c. Games in excess of the three best will not affect a player's performance rating.
d. A player must play at least three games to advance to the single elimination segment.
e. Performance ratings for a player will be obtained as follows:
(1) A player receives 30 points for winning a match in which each player had a 3-ship squadron.
(2) A player receives 20 points for winning a match in which each player had a 2-ship squadron
(3) A player receives 10 points for winning a match in which each player had one ship.
(4) In a match with 2 or 3 ships per player, the losing player receives 7 points for each of the winner's ships he defeats during the course of the battle.
(5) A player receives 1 point for losing any match in which he failed to defeat an opposing ship.
(6) In the event of a draw, the points available in the match to a winner will be split evenly between the players.
(7) The highest scoring player in each fleet of Saturday's Fleet Action will be awarded 20 points.
(8) Bonus Points: A player earns 3 for each 3-ship squadron victory tallied by an opponent that he defeats. A player earns 2 points for each 2-ship squadron victory tallied by an opponent that he defeats. A player earns 1 point for each 1-ship squadron victory tallied by an opponent that he defeats. All of a defeated opponent's games qualify for the scoring of bonus points. Exception: re-matched opponents score no bonus points.

Bonus Point Examples: Player A defeats player B. Player B has six victories consisting of two 3-ship fleet victories, one 2-ship fleet victory and three 1-ship victories. Player A receives 11 bonus points for the six games won by Player B during the Swiss segment (3,3,2,1,1,1). Note however, if Player A and B play each other a second time, no bonus points will be awarded regardless of who wins the rematch.

a. Head to head play is the 1st tiebreaker.
b. Points scored versus mutual opponents is the 2nd tiebreaker.
c. Points scored by mutual opponents is the 3rd tiebreaker.
d. Points scored by all defeated opponents is the 4th tiebreaker.
e. Points scored by all opponents is the 5th tiebreaker.

9. ORDER OF FINISH: At the end of the Swiss, players will be ranked in order. The top six players will be reported for laurels.

10. SINGLE ELIMINATION ROUNDS (Playoffs): Four players with the best performance during the Swiss segment will advance to a semifinal on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.. The top two qualifiers as of 10:00 p.m., Friday, will clinch semifinal berths,
regardless of Saturday play. The other two semifinalists will be determined at 4:00 p.m., Saturday for a 6 pm SE playoff. (Matches may be played earlier by mutual consent.)

Qualifiers who wish to play should be present for the announcement of rank and pairings. If qualifiers do not plan to play, they should alert the GM.

Those not present for the start of the semifinals will be dropped. Players finishing lower than fourth in the Swiss may move into the semifinals if present when higher rated no-shows are dropped. The Final match begins at 8:00 a.m., Saturday. If a finalist does not appear for the Final, his defeated opponent in the semifinals may take his place.

11. FINAL MATCH POSTINGS: The GM will post match assignments for the semifinals by 5:00 p.m., Saturday.

12. AREA RATINGS: The GM will submit the results of ALL games played for inclusion in the AREA ratings, with the exception of the Fleet Action results.

* Participants in this event agree to waive any and all claims against the Boardgame Players Association, the Lancaster Host, the Gamemaster, and the Assistant Gamemasters for damages caused by, including, but not limited to, round shot, double shot, chain shot, grape shot, musket shot, cutlass thrusts, shipboard fire, magazine explosion, drowning, scurvy, seasickness, yellow jack, rat bites, falling rigging, falling from rigging, bad grog, good grog, maggoty bread, weevily bread, or decks made slippery by the blood of fallen comrades. Have fun!

 The best captain in each fleet in Saturday's Fleet Action will be awarded a prize of the GM's choice. Each semifinalist will receive two ship miniatures. Prizes will be selected from an assortment of miniature metal ships.

 GM      Tim Hitchings  [14th Year]   330 Kemper Drive, Newark, DE 19702 
    hitchings@juno.com    302-593-4404

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