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Updated April 22, 2015

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  Marietta      Terrace 1

Greg Hultgren, CA

2014 Champion

2nd: Terry Coleman, CA

3rd: David Long, NC

4th: Philip Yaure, PA

5th: Derek Landel, NJ

6th: Wayne Morrison, FL
Event History
2009    Jason White      8
2010    Terry Coleman    31
2011     Rob Winslow    36
2012    Matthew Beach    23
2013    David Long    19
2014    Greg Hultgren    20



Bruce Monnin, OH
2015 GM

GM of the Year: 1998

2 Top Six GM Nominations

impulses of 100 Years ...

Warriors of God is a two-player game covering the Hundred Years War. This is an introductory-level game with a single map and 1" counters. The game brings a unique perspective to the Hundred Years War conflict. Players move their leaders and units using a unique impulse game system that shows both the strategy and tactics of the period. The game also recreates the massive swings of fortune which were so much a part of the conflict.

The tournament will be Single Elimination with playing time limited to a maximum of four hours per round. Those eliminated will be matched with other players for unofficial extra games if they so desire. A practice Mulligan round will be run Sunday night during the pre-con for those so eligible at 7 PM (PCSu19) with the winners advancing directly into the second round Monday at 2 PM (Mo14). Three rounds will be played on Monday and remaining games will be scheduled at the convenience of the players (at the GM's discretion with Tu10 the default if players do not agree on another time).

See the GM's site at the link above for more tournament details and rules clarifications.

See http://www.multimanpublishing.com/tabid/58/CategoryID9/ProductID/7/Default.aspx for more game details.

MMP will provide merchandise certificates for the top three players.

 GM      Bruce Monnin  [5th Year]   177 South Lincoln St, Minster, OH 45865-1240  
    bdmonnin@nktelco.net    937-441-2480

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