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Updated April 22, 2015

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Kinderhook    Wheatland       Terrace 5  

David Kiefte, ns

2014 Champion

2nd: Kirk Harris, NJ

3rd: Chris Trimmer, TX

4th: Jim Stanard, NJ

5th: Joel Calden, MA

6th: Mathieu Pare-Paquin, qc


Event History
2013    Mathieu Pare-Paquin    44
2014    David Kiefte    34



Ed Beach, MD
2015 GM

Six Top 6 GM

now on its own ...

Virgin Queen is a multiplayer card-driven game (released by GMT in April 2012). It is a sequel to the popular WBC tournament game Here I Stand that covers all the action of the second half of the 16th Century, including the naval battle of Lepanto and the sailing of the Spanish Armada.

The tournament will use the Tournament Scenario supplied from each game. The game designer, Ed Beach, will GM the tournament and teach the games during the scheduled demonstration prior to the event.

Tournament Format

The tournament will conform to the WBC standards for an event with two heats. We will have two opening round games on Sunday to determine 18 semifinalists. The only change for this year is that these two opening heat games are limited to three turns (Turns 3 to 5). No such limit will be applied to the semifinal and Final games; they will be allowed to go the full four turns if necessary.

Semifinalists are chosen and ranked according to these criteria (the official WBC tie-breakers, adapted for an event with only two heats):
- Anyone with two wins
- Total VP earned in all preliminary games played
- Average finish in all heats entered
- Latest average power selection in heats entered

Finalists are chosen first from the semifinal winners; then from those non-winners with the highest semifinal point total (ties go to player with higher rank from preliminary rounds). Alternates will be posted after the second opening round game. Alternates are encouraged to appear before the start of the semifinals so we can ensure that all semifinals are played with a full allotment of six players. Alternates may also be chosen for the Final.

Pairings and Power Determination

Preliminaries: All table assignments are determined at random (though Team Tournament teammates will be separated). Players choose powers in the numerical order assigned to them during the random draw.

Semifinals: Table assignments are done according to rank from preliminary rounds (distributing the highest ranked players to different tables). Highest ranked players get first choice of power at their table.

Final: Semifinal winners get first choice of power (in order of semifinal point total, ties going to player with highest rank from preliminary rounds).

Rules Interpretations: Please check the Official Errata and FAQ posted at See above link.

GMT will provide merchandise credits to all plaque winners.The GM will give history books on the period awarded to the finalist not receiving a WBC plaque.

 GM      Ed Beach  [3rd Year]   NA    NA

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