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Updated 4/16/2013

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Nick Page, on

2012 Champion

2nd: Nick Henning, DC

3rd: Kevin Lewis, DC

4th: Patrick Mirk, FL

5th: Alexandra Henning, NC

6th: Claire Brosius, MA
Event History
2012    Nick Page    33

Nick Page, on
2013 GM



the 2012 member's choice ...

Martin Wallace's ground-breaking creation which blends deck building and wargaming into a landmark design makes its return as a Century hybrid Pre-Con event. To play in the Sunday evening Mulligan round, players must be Tribune level members or registered for Sunday play. Regular sustaining level members can join the event in progress on Monday.

Side selection is either by mutual agreement or bidding for choice of sides. The first bidder is chosen at random. Bidding will be in # of opportunities to draw an extra card(s) (only usable if you have a card in your draw pile) followed by an immediate discard(s) of a like number of cards.

Scoring sheets will be supplied for each game to be handed in by the winner of each game.

Winning a game will advance the player to the next round, with the exception of the Sunday Mulligan Round. Mulligan winners can, at their option, skip the opening round on Monday and join the tournament in progress on Round 2 at 2 PM. Losers of the Mulligan Round need to start anew at noon in Round 1 to continue. Volunteers are solicited to play the role of eliminators in the event of an odd number of players in any round to avoid byes. Games are expected to be in short supply so bring yours if you want to be guaranteed to play.

Rules: We will be playing with the Martin Wallace rules changes from 12/30/11 as published on Boardgamegeek.com at

 GM      Nick Page [1st Year]   NA 
    ziggyny@gmail.com    NA

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