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April 25, 2012

For additional details, see the GM Guide.

Class A: Advanced; for experienced players, rules not explained
B: Beginners welcome, rules explained one hour prior to start
  C: Coached, game will be taught by GM during play.
  Century: This event is part of the Century Group, earns 2 or more plaques, and the winner receives a Centurion shirt.
  Trial: This event is not part of the Century Group, grants only 1 plaque, and does not earn a Centurion shirt for the winner.
  Legacy: A non-Century event with a 10-year history of maintaining satisfactory player totals AND GM compliance with all BPA requirements/deadlines selected by the BPA Board of Directors for Century status.
Prize Level Number of Prizes Demo Event
Trial Event Junior Event
Event Format Single Elimination Swiss Elimination
Single Elimination w/Mulligan Freeform
Swiss Heats (Using one of several methods of advancement: HWO, HMSE, HMW, or HSW)
Event Features League, Pool Play Mulligan Round
Event Style Continuous Scheduled
Day of the week
Mulligan Round
Round Number
Heat Number
Semi Final
Location (All or Most rounds)
Demo: This event will be taught in a one-hour demonstration at the designated time. The GM will not stay more than 30 minutes without anyone to teach so be on time.
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