warriors of god [Updated April 2009]

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  Lampeter      Terrace, Table #4

Debut Event



GM: Nick Richardson, NY

impulses of 100 Years ...

Warriors of God is a two-player game covering the Hundred Years War. This is an introductory-level game with a single map and 1" counters. The 100 Years War was a pivotal event in medieval European history. In Warriors of God, Multi-Man Publishing (MMP) and Game Journal Magazine have joined hands to bring a unique perspective to this conflict.

As always, playability matched with historical accuracy has been achieved to a remarkable degree. Players move their leaders and units using a unique impulse game system that shows both the strategy and tactics of the period. The game also recreates the massive swings of fortune which were so much a part of the Hundred Years War.

Even with such a simple and easily learned system, all the special rules necessary to give players a full feel for the period are here: archers, Joan of Arc, and much, much more.

See http://www.multimanpublishing.com/IGS/prodwofg.php for more game details.

MMP will provide a merchandise certificate for the winner.

 GM      Nick Richardson  [1st Year]   NA  
    nrichard@wagner.edu   NA

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