wilderness war [Updated April 2009]

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James Pei, VA

2008 Champion

2nd: James Pei, VA

3rd: Randy McGinnis, NJ

4th: George Young, VT

5th: Ron Fedin, PA

6th: Tom Drueding, MA
Event History
2002    Rob Winslow     50
2003    Paul Gaberson     30
2004    James Pei     35
2005    Ron Fedin     40
2006    Keith Wixson     30
2007     Paul Gaberson     35
2008     James Pei     27 

Keith Wixson, NJ

2009 GM

2 Top Six GM nominations


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New Balancing Provision

Keith Wixson is the GM. Two Assistant GMs will be announced. All will be playing in the event.

The format will be Swiss Elimination. There will be four (4) rounds of Swiss play and the four (4) players with the most wins will advance to the Elimination Rounds. The Swiss rounds will be continuous, starting at 0900. The time limit will be four (4) hours per round with succeeding rounds tentatively scheduled to start at 1300, 1700 and 2100. There will be very little time between rounds, so if you want a break play quickly. The default times for the semi-finals and Final are scheduled for Su9 and Su13, but these games may be played at any time later in the week when mutually agreed to by the participants and the GM.

All games will be of the Annus Mirabilis Scenario.  All Advanced Rules will be used. No Optional or house rules will be used (EXCEPTION -- see Special Rule below). The official GMT Living Rules (last updated on 10/2/06) will apply. As per Rule 12.14, a draw will count as a victory for the French player. The use of a cell phone, computer or blackberry while playing is not allowed and will not be tolerated. The use of chess clocks is encouraged but optional if both players agree.

SPECIAL RULE - Starting with the Late Season 1757 turn, at the beginning of EVERY turn - after the cards have been dealt and examined but before the first Action Phase - the British player may retrieve one British Regulars or Highlanders card from the discard pile and place it in his hand after RANDOMLY discarding one card from his hand. He may not retrieve the card that he has just discarded. The turn would then proceed normally. This Special Rule replaces the system of bidding of VPs for sides that has been used at past tournaments, which system has failed to address the game's imbalance in favor of the French.

The sixteen (16) players with the highest AREA rating will be seeded. If there are less than 32 players in the tournament this number will be adjusted downward accordingly. Each seeded player shall maintain his or her seeding until he loses a game.

Each of the seeded players in Round 1 will play a random unseeded player and any excess unseeded players will be paired randomly amongst themselves.

Players with the same number of wins in Rounds 2 through 4 will be grouped (a "Bracket") and paired within such Bracket. The pairings for Rounds 2 through 4 will be determined as follows:

 · In the Bracket of undefeated players, each seeded player from the top down will be paired with a random unseeded player if possible. If there are not enough undefeated unseeded players to match up with the seeded players, then the top unpaired seeded player will play the bottommost unpaired seeded player, the second highest unpaired seeded player will play the next lowest unpaired seeded player, and so on down the line until everybody is paired.

In all other Brackets pairings will be completely random.

If there is an odd number of players in any Bracket, then the highest rated player of the Bracket directly below will be bumped up to the higher Bracket to even it out.  If necessary due to an odd number of total players, a bye will be given to the lowest rated player with the fewest wins still playing in the tournament. Notwithstanding this framework, in the Swiss rounds a player will not be paired with an opponent he has already played in the tournament.


Players will earn tiebreak points equal to the AREA rating of each opponent he defeats (zero points are earned for a loss). For the purposes of resolving ties when determining who will advance to the Elimination Rounds and for determining the final standings, the player(s) with the highest total tiebreak points will advance or be ranked higher. If a tie must be broken between players who have an equal number of tiebreak points, then the player with the lower AREA rating will win the tie. If a third tiebreaker is required, then the player with the most games played as the British will win the tie (if they are still tied, then a coin will be tossed). Unrated players will be assigned a provisional rating of 5000 for tiebreak and pairing purposes.


Sides are to be determined randomly (roll dice). However, as an alternative to random side determination, the players may mutually agree as to which side each will play if they so choose. Since there is no bidding for sides, VPs at the start of the game shall be set to FR4.

In addition to the plaques, special prizes will be awarded to the top four (4) finishers, the best new player, the biggest upset winner and the best sportsman (if somebody is worthy). Multiple prizes are possible. Your input on the score sheets will be relied upon for some of these prizes, so please fill them out completely and provide me with applicable comments.

Latecomers for Round 1 will be matched with other latecomers, but risk not playing in the event (and are still expected to finish by the ending time set for the first round.). Latecomers for subsequent rounds will likely be penalized.

Time limits will be strictly enforced to keep the event running on schedule. Games which are not completed when time is called will be adjudicated by the GM and Assistant GMs.

If a player disregards the time limits and warnings for slow play, the GM reserves the right to penalize the player. If you are having a problem with a slow opponent, please let the GM know as soon as possible. If you wait until time is called to say something, it can only hurt your cause.

Prize List: Weapon replicas, tin soldiers, and books will be awarded to deserving players at the discretion of the GM. In the past these special prizes have been awarded to the other laurelists, to the best new player, to the winner of the biggest upset and to the top sportsman. In addition, Medalists (plaque winners) will receive merchandise credits courtesy of GMT.

 GM      Keith Wixson  [7th Year]   425 W Price St, Ap B4, Linden, NJ 07036
   keith.wixson@verizon.net   908-862-4486

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