victory in the pacific [Updated April, 2009]      

VIP    Rising Sun Pre-Con
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Charlie Drozd, IL

2008 Champion

2nd: Michael Ussery, MD

3rd: Andy Gardner, VA

4th: John Pack, CO

5th:  Mark Booth, VA

6th: Jim Eliason, IA
Event History
1991    Dave Targonski      36
1992    Wes Erni      39
1993    Alan Applebaum      36
1994    Dave Targonski      36
1995    Dan Henry      45
1996    Robert Kondracki      46
1997    Ed O'Connor      42
1998    Joe Dragan      48
1999    Alan Applebaum     48
2000    Andy Gardner     50
2001    Dan Henry     48
2002    Dan Henry     50
2003    Ed Menzel     39
2004    Michael Kaye     44
2005     Andy Gardner     32
2006     Ed Menzel     41
2007     Darren Kilfara     39
2008    Charlie Drozd     36

John Sharp, FL

2009 GM

GM of the Year 2005

2 Top Six GM nominations


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Rising Sun Pre-Con

The Rising Sun Pre-Con is seperate from WBC and requires its own registration fee. See the Pre-Con for pricing information. Tribune level members may again freely partake in any and all of BPA's six Pre-Cons during the three days preceding WBC. For details see

Format Change. After 18 years of being a 7-round swiss event, VIP abandons that marathon format for an even longer one! The swiss portion is now limited to five rounds with only the top eight players proceeding through three more rounds of Single Elimination. The grueling road to the top just got a round longer, but for the also-rans, the road gets shorter. This year VIP will again use Chess Clocks courtesy of Alan Applebaum and John Sharp, one of the few events at WBC so furnished.

The event remains a Pre-Con slot as we trade one weekend for another with five swiss rounds starting on the Sunday before WBC and ending Tuesday afternoon before WBC and all of its distractions gets underway. It is hoped that the pre-Con status will enable not only new players to take part but also allow more of the field to stay for all five preliminary rounds so as to enjoy the full ramifications of a true swiss format.

 GM      John Sharp [5th Year]   4701 Hamlets Grove Drive, Sarasota, FL 34235  941-359-3991

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