notre dame [Updated April 2009]

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  Cornwall   Paradise      Terrace, Table #4

David Platnick, VA

2008 Champion

2nd: Cary Morris, NC

3rd: Geoffrey Pounder, ON

4th: Nick Page, ON

5th: Robb Effinger, ON

6th: Greg Crowe, VA
Event History
2008    David Platnick    42

Jim Vroom, PA

2009 GM



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Tournament Info:

This year's tournament will feature two heats. Each heat will use 5-player games to the maximum extent possible. The heats last 90 minutes. Only Prelininary winners will play in the elimination rounds and only those winners will advance to the Final. If five or less winners appear for the semis, the semi will become the Final. Otherwise, the semi-finalists will be divided as evenly as possible in up to five games with only the winners advancing to the Final round.

Heats: Winners Only (HWO) - Only the winners from each heat advance to Round 2 - no alterates advance. EVERY winner of a game advances. There is no limit on the number of winners that can be accommodated. Anyone who comes in second may not advance, even if the person who finished first in that game has won a previous heat or chooses not to advance to the Final.

 GM      Jim Vroom [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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