the kaiser's pirates [Updated April 2009]

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  Lampeter     Terrace, Table #5

Phil Barcafer, PA

2008 Champion

2nd: Joel Tamburo, IL

3rd: Stan Buck, MD

4th: Rob Winslow, NY

5th: John Emery, SC

6th: Bruce Young, SC
Event History
2007    Joel Tamburo    33
2008    Phil Barcafer    41

Jim Day, MD

2009 GM

the game's designer



Action on the High Seas ...

This is a World War I naval action card game. Players simultaneously command the German and British forces as they try to maximize their points while stopping their opponents. While play is straightforward, the strategy centers on how players maximize the use of their dual use Action Cards.

THE KAISER'S PIRATES is being run for the third time this year. This game pits 20 of Imperial Germany's best commerce raiders, both warships and converted civilian ships, in cat-and-mouse action against a multi-national merchant fleet. However, British naval forces are lurking at every turn. The unique game system equally matches the players' objectives, so everyone is seeking the same outcome. The German ships range from sleek light cruisers to heavily-armed merchant raiders. This game for one, two, three or four players is an easy-to-learn, fun and fast-moving game.

Our tournament will feature four heats of 3- or 4-player games with all heat winners advancing to single elimination play. The Heats will be quick one-hand affairs, with the elimination rounds playing full, three-hand games.

GMT will provide a $10 merchandise certificate for the winner and the GM will provide Kaiser's Prates T-shirt with a ship image of their choice for the four finalists.

 GM      Jim Day  [3rd Year]   NA   NA

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