ace of aces [Updated June 26, 2009]

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George Deutsch, MD

2006-08 Champion

2nd: Grant LaDue, NY

3rd: Chris Villeneuve, MI

4th: Craig Yope, MI

5th: Richard Irving, CA

6th: David Zande, MI
Event History
2004    Bruce Young     48
2005     Richard Irving     33
2006    George Deutsch     33
2007     George Deutsch     41
2008     George Deutsch     29

Doug Porterfield, VA

2009 GM



The "Flying Circus" Tournament Format

This event has no set time except for the final Championship flying circus Saturday. Otherwise, players are free to play at any time during the week. This is a C-rated event; however, due to the format, formal teaching of the game is accomplished by arranging a time with the GM (most likely to be found in the free-form gaming area). Since teaching takes less than five minutes, you will be playing a game quickly and completing it within another five to ten minutes. It is hoped that current players will be willing to teach new players also. In fact, for those who are car pooling to WBC, Ace of Aces is an excellent game to learn and play while on the road (drivers excepted, of course). So if you see anyone playing, just ask about it and see how fast you can join the flying circus above the WBC. As the GM will not always be available to resolve disputes, good sportsmanship is vital.

Official registration and scoresheets can be done at anytime with the GM (Doug Porterfield), so feel free to ask and enter early. Scoresheets will also be available from the event kiosk. Veterans, hopefully, will by wearing green Ace of Aces buttons (designed and graciously provided by Greg Schmittgens during previous WBCs). If you still have yours from a previous year, please bring it.The game will be played using only the beginners rules, except that aces will not be included.  

Each player must have their own score sheet, provided by the GM. For each game played, they must provide the opponent's name, badge number, result of dogfight, whether shot down or escaped, damage to each player, and your opponents initials. All results must be returned to the GM or the event kiosk by noon Saturday.

Players must have at least 15 dogfights against ten different opponents, with no more than five dogfights against the same opponent. No more than 40 dogfights will be counted. Advancement will be determined by highest point average of those qualifying. Points are awarded as follows: 5 for shooting down opponent, 3 for battle that ends without shootdown if you have inflicted more points than received, 1 for flight that ends in draw or if you get away after sustaining more damage than inflicted. The point total will be divided by the number of flights flown. Ties will be broken by highest number of flights flown followed by greatest difference in damage inflicted over damage received. (Games played against opponents who do not register with the GM will not count.) The tp six pilots (check the results on the event kiosk for eligible pilots and alternates) will advance to the Final. The Final will be a round robin. The winner will be based on best record. In the Final, in the case of breaking contact with the opponent, players return to page 170, so there will be no draws. Ties will be broken by head to head record, followed by another round of dogfights if needed. If still tied, points inflicted vs points received will be the ultimate tie-breaker. There will be four informal "Circus" heats as listed above and in the program to aid players looking for matches but play may be conducted at any time.

For the Final Fly-off, the Top Six Qualifiers will face each other one-on-one for a total of five flights by each Ace.  During the Final Fly-off, each player will be using a set of Maneuver Cards.  The Maneuver Cards is a set of cards with one maneuver per card. Instead of yelling out the maneuver, each pilot will put their card down and flip over simultaneously to conduct the turn.

The aerodrome is open.  Prepare for battle.

 GM      Doug Porterfield  [4th Year]   NA   703-930-0295

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