year of the dragon [Updated May 2008]

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Paradise   Paradise Terrace, Table #1

Debut Event




Keith Levy, MD

2008 GM

2 Top Six GM nominations

Rio Grande New Year ...

Tournament Info:

In this game, each player takes on the role of a Chinese prince, seeking tomaximize the prosperity and prestige of his province in the ancient Chinaof approximately 1,000 A.D. To assist in these endeavors, the princesmust call upon the diverse talents of their courtiers, from scholars andmonks to warriors and craftsmen. These loyal subjects will lend theirexpertise to the struggle to shield their rulers from the often disastrousconsequences of the myriad untoward events that plague the populacefrom month to month. Be it drought, contagion or Mongol invasion,only foresight and planning will spare the princes and their subjects fromthese fates.The better a player can manage his province and withstand the seeminglyunending onslaught of hazardous events, the more honor and victorypoints he will have to show for it in the end.

ADVANCEMENT TIE-BREAKERS: In Multiple Entry, Single Elimination events for multi-player games, players possibly qualify for Single Elimination play in the second round by winning any of up to four preliminary Heats. Occasionally, players may advance wihout winning a heat. Players can enter one or more Heats without limit. All events for most multi-player games consist of three rounds; an opening Round consisting of two to four Preliminary Heats, a semi-final and a Final. The sem-ifinal round will advance a predesignated optimum number of players to fill the second round; i.e., 25 players for a five-player game, 16 players for a four-player game, etc. but in all cases will advance no more than half of all players which participated in the Preliminaries. If insufficient players advance to warrant a semi-final round, the scheduled semi-final will instead become the Final.

Heats: Most Wins (HMW) - Standard tiebreakers used to trim the field or identify alternates to complete the field, as listed below in the following order:
1. Most Wins (e.g., total in all heats entered);
2. Win in first Heat entered;
3. Win in second Heat entered;
4. GM specific tie-breaker: 1. brought copy of game, 2. % of winner's score
5. Average finish in all heats entered (e.g., a 2nd and two 3rds = 2.67 and beats two 2nds and two 4ths = 3); and
6. High dice roll.

 GM      Keith Levy [1st Year]   9 Augusta Wood Ct, Reisterstown, MD 21136   443-629-5585

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