winds of plunder [Updated May 2008]

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  Marietta   Paradise Terrace, Table #6

Debut Event




Chris LeFevre, AZ

GM 2008

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Sail your own Pirate ship thoughout the islands of the Caribbean, stopping at as many ports of call as possible to enhance your reputation as a fierce Buccaneer. Each round, players will have an opportunity to manipulate the Winds to your best advantage, then seek Plunder from both the Caribbean ports and your opponents. Plunder translates into Victory Points and the player with the most Victory Points after nine game rounds is the winner.

Winds of Plunder sets sail as a Class B Event, Beginners Welcome. But, players must have read the rules or previously played the game. Demo will be given before the event for people who have not played the game to give them understanding of how to play the game and then be able to participate in the event.

GMT will supplement the plaque with a merchandise certificate.

 GM      Chris LeFevre  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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