waterloo; fate of france [Updated April 2008]

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GM: Richard Beyma

A Different Kind of Waterloo ...

SCENARIO- Players may elect to play the Quatre Bras, Ligny, or Mont St. Jean Battle scenarios. If players are unable to agree on the scenario, the default choice will be the Mont St. Jean scenario.

DETERMINING SIDES- Players may mutually agree on sides. If unable to agree, players bid for sides.

1. Each player rolls a die. The high die roll bids first.
2. The first bidder must bid for a side, and may bid 0 or any positive number.
3. The other player must then either bid a higher number or pass.
4. The bidding continues until one player passes.

Note: Bids must be whole numbers. The high bidder plays that side. His opponent gets a number of VPs equal to the bid added to his VP total at the end of the scenario.

RULES- Use the standard game and scenario rules. Players may use any optional rules provided that both players agree.

TIME LIMITS- The GM reserves the right to implement time limits in case of slow play. Chronic slow play should be reported to the GM.

ADJUDICATION- The GM will start adjudicating unfinished games beginning three hours after the start of the round. Players are encouraged to decide the winner between themselves. To adjudicate games, The GM will assemble a committee of three players (non-involved GM, assistant GMs, and experienced players) who will determine a winner by majority vote.

BYES- Every effort will be made to avoid byes. During the Heats, the recipient of a bye is required to wait until 30 minutes past the scheduled round start time. If another player appears by then, the two of them will play. If another player does not sappear, then the recipient of the bye is credited with a win in that round. No player may receive more than one bye.

 GM      Richard Beyma  [1st Year]   NA  
    rbeyma@vt.edu   NA

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