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Updated 2/27/2009

2008 WBC Report     

 2009 Status: pending 2009 GM commitment

Chris Goldfarb, OR

2008 Champion

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Event History * = Global War/ **A3R
1992    Joe Brophy**       8
1993    Conrad Struckman**     20
1994    Jason Moore**     17
1995    James Sparks**     41
1996    Bruce Harper*     17
1997    Rob Carl*     26
1998    David Middleton*     27
1999    Greg Wilson*    19
2000    Herbert Gratz**    25
2002    Jon Hogen**    17
2003    Vic Hogen**    20
2004    Bill Moodey     24
2005    Jason Moore     16
2006     Eric Thobaben     22
2007     Jason Moore     21
2008    Chris Goldfarb     24

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jason Moore        NY    07    156
  2.  Greg Wilson        NJ    08     96
  3.  Bill Moodey        PA    05     96
  4.  Eric Thobaben      MI    06     72
  5.  Herbert Gratz    Austria 00     66
  6.  Bruce Harper       BC    08     61
  7.  Chris Goldfarb     OR    08     60
  8.  Vic Hogen          CA    03     60
  9.  Randy Scheers      TX    08     54
 10.  Brock Heathcote    AZ    00     48
 11.  Rob Carl           MD    08     36
 12.  Paul Milne         MN    07     36
 13.  Eric Schuelin      GA    04     36
 14.  Tim Francis        MD    99     36
 15.  Jon Hogen          CA    03     34
 16.  Brian Conway       NY    05     30
 17.  Elihu Feustal      IN    07     24
 18.  Jim Sparks         MD    07     24
 19.  Alvaro Martin    Spain   04     24
 20.  Conrad Struckman   NH    99     24
 21.  Ryan Scoville      NY    00     21
 22.  Charles Kruger     MA    00     21
 23.  Tor Abrahamsen     BC    06     18
 24.  Tim Francis        MD    05     18
 25.  Mike Crowe         VA    03     18
 26.  Tim Schroeder      TX    06     12
 27.  Ernest Copley      ME    04     12
 28.  Ernie Faust        CT    99     12
 29.  Mike Mitchell      GA    00      9
 30.  Randall MacInnis   GA    00      9
 31.  Don Stanley        SK    08      6
 32.  Kevin Milne        MN    07      6
 33.  Kenneth Cruz       CA    06      6
 34.  Jeff Mathis        FL    05      6
 35.  Graham Keys        WA    03      6
 36.  Boyd Piper         BC    02      6
 37.  Mike Stone         OR    99      6
 38.  Don Moody          MN    02      4
 39.  Joe Brophy         MN    02      3
 40.  Keven Leith        VA    02      2

2008 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

Greg Wilson, NJ

Bruce Harper, BC

Randy Scheers, TX

Rob Carl, MD

Don Stanley, SK

Past Winners

Joe Brophy, NY

Conrad Struckman, NH

Jason Moore, NY
1994, 2005, 2007

James Sparks, MD

Bruce Harper, BC

Rob Carl, MD

David Middleton, MD

Gregory Wilson, NY

Herbert Gratz, Austria

Jon Hogen, CA

Vic Hogen, CA

Bill Moodey, PA

Eric Thobnaben, WI

Chris Goldfarb, OR


And you thought you brought a lot of stuff to WBC! Joe Brophy and Rob Carl even bring a board to lay their game out on.

And that's nothing compared to the metal required for this magnetized game. Try getting that through airport security.

Yet More Tinkering with a World At War ...

The A World at War family continues to grow. This year boasted 25 participants for all of the tournament with a couple part-timers lending occasional support, competing in six full campaign games. All games made it to early or mid-1945. Three matches played to completion in Europe. Two matches played to completion in the Pacific. The games resulted in three ties (!), two Axis victories, and one Allied victory. The most convincing Axis victory was a successful invasion of Britain. The other Axis victory resulted from a failed invasion of Britain, followed by an invasion of Spain, conquest of Gibraltar, and 1942 invasion of Russia. A traditional Barbarossa was tried in two games (both games were ties overall, but the Axis lost in Europe). This was the first convention without Berchtesgaden as a potential Axis redoubt. In 2007, there was one Axis victory, three Allied victories, and a tie. Game balance does not appear to have suffered, although no Axis player pursuing a traditional Barbarossa campaign won in either year. In the high tech arena, jets were the most popular project for Germany, but advanced subs made an appearance in two games as well. Both projects now require fewer research points, but appear later in the game, and in lower quantity. The atomic bomb proved key for the Allies in two games. In one game, Germany stopped one attempted atomic bomb drop, and Japan stopped two, although it eventually succumbed to an invasion aided by a tactical nuke. The end result was a tie. In another game, the Allies used two bombs tactically to advance in France, and would have dropped enough on Germany by Winter 1945 to ensure an overall tie. In the same game a bomb drop was attempted on Japan in Fall 1944 but failed.

Most games incorporated the newly proposed rules for accumulated damage to ships during naval combat. Most players felt that this added excitement to the naval battles, and usually shortened them, as players were reluctant to risk multiple damaged ships in a follow-on round. This rule has been approved. Most games also incorporated the new Japanese resistance modifier for territorial control of island groups and other objectives, and felt that this encouraged more naval battles in the Pacific. This rule will also be incorporated. The following changes were proposed after the convention and are likely to be incorporated: revising the kamikaze rules to increase their impact and simplify their use; sacrificing Japanese BRP base to uninvert units; uninverting countered air in the Japanese Home Islands to allow defense against bombing; reducing the impact of the second and subsequent atomic bombs on surrender level; eliminating the increase to Russian BRP base for captured Russian ICs. As you may know, the first edition sold out earlier this year. Game Designer Bruce Harper is close to finalizing the game for publication of the second edition. Look for it in 2009!

 GM      Mike Crowe  [10th Year]   5507 Callander Dr, Springfield, VA 22151   703 978 3528

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