twilight struggle [Updated April 2008]

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  Lampeter  Paradise Terrace, Table #4

Stefan MeCay, TX

2006-07 Champion

2nd: Rick Young, NC

3rd: Rob Hassard, NJ

4th: Chris Withers, CA

5th: George Seary, NY

6th: Mike Wallschlaeger, WI
Event History
2006    Stefan MeCay    70
2007     Stefan MeCay    66

Ananda Gupta, MD

2008 GM

the game's co-designer


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the newst CDW hit ...

The long twilight struggle resumes in 2008. 2nd edition will be used; the FAQ, Q&A, and a list of the changes from 1st to 2nd edition can all be found at, in the Twilight Struggle folder. Incomplete games will use final scoring rules. If necessary to accommodate even numbers in the next round, GM will play as an eliminator (or more likely an eliminatee), or, if not possible, the highest alternate will advance based on best losing score of a ten-turn game in that round.

Players will bid influence to play the Soviet Union, as per the 2007 tournament. High bid takes the USSR; the U.S. player then receives the amount of the bid in additional influence, placed after all other setup is complete, and only in countries where the U.S. already has influence. Unlike the 2007 tournament, these are the only restrictions on placing influence received via bid (the limit on bid influence in a single country is removed). If the bids are tied, sides are determined randomly, and the U.S. player receives influence in the amount of the tied bid.

A list of the card changes from 1st to 2nd edition can be seen at:

 GM      Ananda Gupta  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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