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  Marietta   Paradise    Conestoga 2  

 Paradise Terrace, Table #3

Harry Flawd, PA

2007 Champion

2nd: Ewan McNay, CT

3rd: Gerald Lientz, VA

4th: Jim Garvey, NY

5th: Dennis Mishler, CT

6th: Jean-Francois Gagne, QC
Event History
1997    Peter Staab       72
1998    Brian Sutton      178
1999    Kaarin Engelmann     115
2000    Alan Witte      97
2001    Rebecca Hebner      56
2002    Joe Sposito      45
2003    Brenden Coomes      47
2004     Devin Flawd      63
2005     Robert Kircher      79
2006     Olin Hentz      74
2007     Harry Flawd      89

Greg Crowe, VA

2008 GM

  Laurels Laurels

Always a titanic struggle ...

"Eight will enter, three will leave!" Come on, say it with me, "Eight will enter, three will leave!" Dyin' time is nigh.

Welcome to Titan the Arena, the only game where it doesn't matter who dies, as long as you didn't bet on him. Place your bets on who you think will survive, and play your strength cards to make sure they do. Rounds continue until only three live, and whoever has the biggest payoff from their bets wins. What could be more fun?

Again this year I decided to have three preliminary heats leading up to (optimally) a semi-final of 25 players. The winners of each of the five games in the semi will compete in a final to determine who will take home the wood.

To determine the 25 players who will play in the semi-final, I will use the following criteria based on the WBC Standard HMW tie-breakers in this order of precedence:

1) Most Wins
2) Win in first Heat entered
3) Win in second Heat entered
4) Win in third Heat entered
5) Has brought a copy of the game, if needed for next round;
6) Average finish in all heats entered; e.g., a 2nd and two 3rds = 2.67 and beats a 2nd and two 4ths (average: 3.33)
7) High dice roll

If I don't have 25 players who won at least one game, I will fill with those who won second in at least one game, using a modification of the tie-breakers above:

2) Most Seconds
2) Second in first Heat entered
3) Second in second Heat entered
4) Second in third Heat entered
5) Highest percentage of First place score
6) Average finish in all heats entered; e.g., a 2nd and two 3rds = 2.67 and beats a 2nd and two 4ths (average: 3.33)
7) High dice roll

Last year we had 22 winners, and 21 of them elected to continue to the semi-final, so we needed only four alternates who got a second place in their heats. In all likelihood, we can expect similar numbers this year.

The GM will be playing and will have two AGM's identified.

Note about the New Version: In 2004, Fantasy Flight Games re-released this game, entitled Colossal Arena. I am making the following pronouncement. Usage of this version of the game will be allowed with the following provisos: 1) The eight creatures that will be used are: Amazon, Cyclops, Ettin, Magus, Titan, Troll, Unicorn, and Wyrm. Remove all strength cards for the other four creatures from the deck before beginning play. 2) When the deck is exhausted, instead of ending the game immediately, use the 'Original Stalemate Rules' as printed in the Official FAQ (available at Fantasy Flight's website), which are the same as the rules in the orginal game.

In the Final, there will be the option to play the new version of the game according to its rules, but only if all five finalists desire it. If a single one wishes to play with the original rules, then that is what will happen. If the new version's rules are used, the eight creatures used will be randomly determined, for time considerations.

In order to make the two versions jive even more, I am instituting this rule, applicible to all games of both versions: The method of determining who begins play may be by strength card auction, or by any random method agreeable to all players

Because this event does not award enough wood to cover all finalists, the GM will be giving out medals and cups to all five finalists. If anyone has any ideas for additional prizes, please email me.

 Greg will also offer a Juniors version for those 12 and under in the Heritage room Tuesday at 6 PM. See http://www.boardgamers.org/yearbkex/jnrpge.htm
 GM     Greg Crowe  (6th year)   NA
   gregcrowe@mindspring.com   NA 

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