settlers of catan [Updated April 2008]

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   Ballroom B

Tom Stokes, NJ

2007 Champion

2nd: Rick Dutton, MD

3rd: Jon Izer, MD

4th: Josh Githens, SC

5th: Pierre LeBoeuf, MD

6th: Michael Shea, CT
Event History
1999    Brad Johnson       94
2000   David Platnick    175
2001   Craig O'Brien      93
2002   David Buchholz    102
2003    Charlie Faella    131
2004    Aran Warszawski    110
2005    Rob Effinger    100
2006    Roy Gibson    102
2007   Tom Stokes    132

Kathy Stroh, DE

2008 GM

1 Top Six GM nomination


AREA Boardgamegeek Laurels

Spiel das Jahre 1995 ...

Settlers of Catan - The game that was a key factor in the Eurocraze in America continues its run at the WBC. This year's format will be similar to the one used by Kosmos in Germany. They use it to give away a car, so it should be more than adequate to give away a piece of wood with some engraved metal attached.... (which is also an adequate description of the Citroen Kosmos gives away!)

The basic format is a three-round Swiss tournament to qualify 16 for a single elimination playoff. Players achieve tournament points based on finishing position and bonus points based on the strength of victory.

Die Siedler von Catan (published in Germany by Kosmos) won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) prize in 1995. The Settlers of Catan (published in the US by Mayfair) won the 1996 Board Game Award. Both versions will be allowed for play in the tournament, but the card distribution of the Kosmos version will be used. The madness starts Saturday morning at 9AM.

 GM      Kathy Stroh [1st Year]   NA    NA

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