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Gary Schaefers, PA

2007 Champion

2nd: Keith Galbraith, PA

3rd: Cary Morris, NC

4th: Richard Curtin, NY

 5th: John Long, PA

 6th: John Henry, ON
Event History
1999    Robert Lightburn     30
2000    Craig Melton     14
2001    Steve Dickson     29
2002    Phil Rennert     45
2003    Rob Lightburn     33
2004    Eric Wrobel     35
2005     Steve Dickson     27
2006     Robert Lightburn     38
2007    Gary Schaefers     42

Alan Hayes, IL

2008 GM


  Laurels RISK Championships

Almost Everyone's First Wargame ...

Two Swiss Elimination Heats: Two preliminary heats will take place. Both heats are open to any and all players. Five- and six-player games are preferred, but four-player games will occur where necessary. Six players will advance to the Final as follows:

1. Number of first place wins.

2. Final placement in all games. Example: one first place win accompanied with one second place finish advances before one first place win with a third place. Any first and any other non-last place finish advances before a first only.

3. Most opponents personally eliminated from play. Example: A winner with three eliminations advances before a winner with two eliminations.

4. Number of players in game. Example: Six-player game winners advance before five-player game winners, etc.

5. Lowest number of armies received in last used set of cards.

The top six players and turn order options are seeded in the Final using the above advancements.

Game Rules:

1. 1999 Risk Game Edition Rules will be used. These are the most recently published standard Risk official rules.
2. All games will be Global Domination Games (World Conquest).
3. All games must be played to completion; World Conquest by one player. Players may NOT forfeit or concede their position, except when the game involves only two players.
4. Turn Order. Highest die roll goes first. Play proceeds around the table clockwise.
5. Initial placement of armies will take place by one player dealing out the entire deck of cards to all players. Each player will then place one army on each territory listed on each card in their hand. After all territories are claimed, players continue to place two armies on their turn on any territory(ies) they control. If ALL players at the table agree; the initial placement of armies may take place by each player in turn, ordered by high to low die roll, strategically choosing one territory per turn on which to place one army.
6. All combat die rolls are simultaneous. If players roll less than the maximum number of dice allowed for combat resolution, they must announce the number of dice being used prior to any dice being thrown.
7. Players will be required to count their armies in any given territory when any other player requests the information during their turn. The same applies to the number of cards any player holds in their hand.
8. Turning in card sets: Players receive a maximum two extra armies PER TURN, if they turn in a card with a territory pictured on the card that they currently control. Armies received increase as follows: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 and increasing by five from that point forward. You must turn in a set of cards, if you have five cards at the beginning of your turn. You must immediately turn in a set of cards, if you have six or more cards at any time during your turn. If you have five cards, but draw up to six at the end of your turn, you must turn in one matched set at the beginning of your next turn; and you may turn in two matched sets if you have them.
9. Diplomacy and negotiations are encouraged and are an integral part of most games. All negotiations MUST take place at the table for all players to hear. "Secret" negotiations amongst two players or away from the table are NOT permitted.
10. The score sheet provided by the GM must be filled out in order for the game to count towards tournament play. The score sheet will be used to aid in determining player advancement to the Final GM will fill out * items.

Check the ALTERNATE LIST on the event kiosk in the Paradise terrace hallway to determine your chances to advance to the Final.

 GM      Alan Hayes [3rd Year]   453 E. 88th St, Chicago, IL 60619 
    alannchicago@yahoo.com   NA

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