paydirt [Updated April 2008]

   13   14 AFC  
       14 NFC
      9 Super Bowl 

  Cornwall     Paradise Terrace, Table #3

Devin Flawd, PA

2005-07 Champion

2nd: Mike Destro, NJ

3rd: Jordan Flawd, PA

4th: Harry Flawd, PA

5th: Chad Gormly, MA

6th: John Shaheen, MA
Event History
1993    Kurt Litscher      16
1994    Mark Potter      16
1995    Mark Potter      16
1996    Harry Flawd      19
1997    Harry Flawd      15
1998    John Ellmann      16
1999    Harry Flawd     20
2000    Harry Flawd     30
2001    Devin Flawd     20
2002    Bill O'Neal     28
2003    Harry Flawd     42
2004     Harry Flawd     38
2005    Devin Flawd     38
2006    Devin Flawd     41
2007     Devin Flawd     38

Harry Flawd, PA

2008 GM



Beating the Spread ...

Tournament Format

Beginning in 2002, we used the most recently completed NFL season for our tournaments, so last season is on tap for replay. Come out and see if you can repeat last season's success or lack thereof.

The way you get a team is in the upper right hand corner, each team is rated with a power rating. The bidding for that team begins with the power rating, rounding up if the number is 229.5, it would be 230 to start. Then I ask everyone who wants that team for 230. If more than one person raises their hands, the bidding goes up by one point until there is either only one person left, or everyone puts their hand down. If all lower their hand on the last bid, then they all roll the paydirt dice; whoever has the high roll gets the team. The teams are all dispersed using this method, then the first round matches the highest bid team vs. the lowest bid team, and the matchups continue using the same method.

When those teams play, the team with the highest power rating must win by MORE than the difference in their teams power rating. So if Dallas was bid at 235 and plays Philadelphia which was bought for 215, the Cowboys would have to win the game by more than 20 points, or the player with Philadelphia would move on to the next round. This gives every player a fair chance to win the tournament regardless of the team he has.

There have been all kinds of combinations in the Super Bowls the last five years: two high power rated teams, two low rated teams, and one of each. No advanced rules are used. I encourage new players to attend, and all that is needed is a basic knowledge of football.

Heats: Multiple Single Elimination (HMSE) - Each heat is played Single Elimination round after consecutive round in as many games as necessary to determine one winner who advances to play the winner of another heat. Players may play in and win more than one Heat, but can qualify for only one place in the final event standings.

 GM      Harry Flawd  [14th Year]   2826 Blacksmith Way, Lancaster, PA 17601   717-569-7103

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