monsters ravage america [Updated April 2008]

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  Ballroom B;  Paradise Terrace, Table #1 

Daniel Val, Spain

2007 Champion

2nd: Matthew Beach, MD

3rd: Steve Scott, CA

4th: Dave Denton, NY

5th: Greg Kulp, NJ

6th: Nathan Treat, VA
Event History
1998    Dave Long      167
1999    Marvin Birnbaum     106
2000    Tom Meier       83
2001    Rebecca Hebner       68
2002    Joseph Sposito       69
2003    Marvin Birnbaum       73
2004    Nick Henning       64
2005    Marvin Birnbaum       80
2006     Nick Henning       33
2007     Daniel Val       55

Mark Love, MD

2008 GM




Finally! A MONSTER movie where the MONSTER wins!

YOU and three opponents choose and control one MONSTER, with its own special abilities, and one branch of the military! YOU DECIDE where your MONSTER will go to increase its health - by destroying cities! You gain extra attack markers as your MONSTER achieves INFAMY by destroying historic landmarks. If your military weakens a MONSTER enough, it's sent to Hollywood to make B movies! If your military only retreats the MONSTER, you may get a breakthrough in military research - like the Blonde Lure! YOU DECIDE how and where to deploy your military EACH TURN. You'll be more successful with four or more units, but single units can BLOCK the MONSTER from reaching big cities. ANY player can place unmovable National Guard units on intact cities. But BEWARE - if you fire a cruise missile, the MONSTER may MUTATE and get even STRONGER! And just as you close in with a massive force to attack - the MONSTER can DISAPPEAR off the map, reappearing in one of its lairs! BUT WAIT - that MONSTER in Hollywood has gradually been getting stronger - it has BROKEN FREE to RAVAGE AGAIN!!!

WHEN will this horror end???? The MONSTER that destroys the 20th city issues a CHALLENGE to the others. They scramble to get to a Challenge Site to steal the chance to strike first! The MONSTERS weigh in...whoever controls the Challenge chooses who to fight first. The winner adds the loser's beginning health score to whatever it has left after the battle and chooses the next opponent. Controlling the Challenge is the weakest player's best chance of winning. The last MONSTER standing is the KING (or QUEEN) of the GIANT MONSTERS and wins the game!

RAVAGE vs MENACE: Hasbro's Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast republished Ravage as MONSTERS Menace America in 2005. The default version to be played in the tournament will remain MONSTERS Ravage America, but either game can be played in the heats. Menace can be played in the semi-final games or the Final only if all players agree. The Menace version is the better choice for a pick-up game. It often finishes within 90 minutes and even within one hour, with experienced players. Ravage has more terrain effects and sometimes takes three hours with adept use of the military.

The most overlooked Menace rules overlooked by Ravage players are:

(1) A roll of 6 by either the military or a MONSTER is
a Smash, causing an extra point of damage to a MONSTER.
(2) During the military deployment phase, the player may remove up to three units from the map and redeploy them IMMEDIATELY on intact bases, as a substitute for normal deployment. This makes disappearing much less effective, since the military can catch up to them faster.
(3) The cards sometimes have the same names as Ravage, but different effects in Menace.
(4) A MONSTER that FLIES in Menace is NOT required to STOP and fight military units. Gargantis CANNOT be blocked, so the military can only attack him.
(5) The maximum health is 40 by rule, except it's 30 for Toxicor (the Bronacle clone.)
(6) Most players forget that Zorb can choose to take 3 infamy instead of a low health roll.
(7) Gargantis' moves 3 but can discard mutation cards at any time for 3 health (handy and deceptive, when you get to the Challenge!)
(8) The military MONSTERS must be attacked last in the Challenge and are weaker than in Menace. They win 3% of Ravage games, but are best used for attacking during Menace games.

TOURNAMENT HOUSE RULE: For each turn a player's MONSTER is in Hollywood, place a stomp marker on Hollywood (although it's still useable ­ they'll film no matter what!) Play is otherwise slowed by disappearing and going to Hollywood, since nothing is stomped. The National Guard may be used to create a 5-player game, but only to accommodate an extra player after fout players are assigned to all other boards. The GM may remove markers from the to-be-stomped group, to speed up boards that are too slow or start late.

1. Remove Brain Rot from the Mutation deck! (Hooray!)
2. When a MONSTER breaks out of Hollywood, it can go to either Los Angeles or to one of its lairs (replacing the written rule that required disappearing instead. This speeds play.)
2. There are handouts to place over the western corner of the map to move the El Toro Marine Base in the Los Angeles grid.
3. There are handout replacement military cards for military units to improve game balance consistent with the changes in Menace.
4. Retreats - If a MONSTER is to be retreated in a battle with multiple military branches, then a branch controlled by the MONSTER has no say on the retreat route. If other branches cannot agree on the retreat route, settle it with a die roll. Unless a player holds the Guard Commander research card, all players except the MONSTER make the choice for surviving National Guard units.

TOURNAMENT ADVANCEMENT: Up to 25 winners will advance, but non-winners will only advance to get 16 players in the semi-final. If more than 16 winners advance, 5-player boards will be used with a National Guard player and 5th MONSTER. Advancing 17 to 20 winners will result in a 4-player final. Over 20 winners will result in a 5-player final. If more than 25 winners appear for the semi-final, (which is unlikely unless attendance exceeds 100 players), winners will be eliminated based on the method used by Brittania (most wins and then combined score sheets, to break ties among players with the most tries before they won.)

Top seeds will be separated and given the preference to play at any available 4-player boards, if they want it. Seeding is based on multiple wins during this tournament (which is rare, maybe 1 to 3 players), then former MRA champions, then score sheet totals. Score sheets are snapshots measuring how strong each MONSTER is before they fight each other in the Challenge, using mutations usable in the Challenge, infamy, and health. The score sheets contain tiebreakers that reward fast play, providing the game copy, and stomping opponents' bases, (and yes, the option of making your MONSTER sound). Players who faced each other in heats will be separated in the semi-final if possible. (They should tell the GM if they've played each other.)

 Mark Love will also offer a Juniors tournament on Friday at 2 PM in the Heritage room for those 12 and under. See
 GM      Mark Love  [10th Year]   NA    (NA)

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